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Apparently Vincent Pastore, from The Sopranos, is no longer a contestant on the new season of Dancing With the Stars. Guy dropped out of the competition before it even began. Loser. You know who Vincent Pastore reminds me of? That other cast member of The Sopranos who competed in that vh1 show, Fat Celebrities– Let’s Eat. Or maybe it’s called Celebrity Fit Club. Either way, Pastore’s cast mate actually gained 14 pounds during the first two weeks of taping. It’s one thing to not lose weight on a “weight loss” show, but to actually gain weight is a whole other story. And Jesus Christ, 14 pounds? That’s not even something that can easily be accomplished. You have to be really dedicated to putting as much food as humanly possible into your body. What was this man eating? Bricks…of lard? For crying out loud.

Well, I guess it just goes to show, The Sopranos men like to eat and not exercise. And gain 14 pounds in a fortnight.

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Sources say Eddie Murphy stormed out of the Academy Awards shortly after Alan Arkin took the oscar for Best Supporting Actor. I can comisserate with Eddie. It’s like that time I didn’t win the hand carved birdhouse at our church raffle when I was in second grade, and I cried.

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