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This edition of Weekend at the Movies was written by pizappas and plainclothesman. We’re sort of like Ebert & Roeper, only way more attractive.


This week’s crop of movies are just SO GOOD that I couldn’t let plainclothesman have them all to himself. I needed to get in on this action.

Fool’s Gold: You know how in the preview for Austin Powers: Goldmember you kept seeing him go “I love goooooooooold!!!”? As much as I would have embraced the chance to utter those immortal words in earnest myself, I couldn’t bring myself to do it after i watched this trailer.

On the red carpet at the Fool’s Gold opening.

Basically, Kate Hudson needs money, Matthew McConaughay is a sexy fuck-up, and together they embark on a harebrained scheme to make some cash. Does this not sound like the actual real-life premise involved with making this movie? It gets even more meta with the title: presumably in the movie, and in real life both, they discover that one can be tricked by the glittery allure of the gold stuff, and in fact find the real meaning of wealth elsewhere.

On a side note, if you, like me, liked Dirty Sexy Money (don’t be a hater), and are jonesing for Donald Sutherland as a reserved old rich man – jones no more! Sage and spry and fancy as ever, here he is for the best 2 seconds of the trailer. It’s playing at the Pavilion and the United Artists on Court Street.

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins: Protagonist escapes from his loud, crazy family and goes on to become a rich success star. He bring back his fancy fiancee to meet the loud, crazy relatives and loud, crazy things happen. Though a tried and true formula, I am impressed by their bold move to not stage this at Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or a relative’s funeral… I am not quite sure if loud, crazy estranged-child-coming-home-from-the-big-city movies are even allowed to happen in the summer. But hey! This is 2008. Anything is possible.

The best thing about this looks to be James Earl Jones playing Martin Lawrence’s dad. Not a casting call I would’ve made, but I don’t get paid the big bucks now do I? And he does seem to have something about him that drives his sons away, like to Hollywood for fame and fortune, or to Queens to work at MacDowell’s.

It’s playing at the Pavilion and the United Artists on Court Street.

The Hottie & The Nottie:


As simple as the concept seems, I was confused when I watched this preview! Looking at the poster, it really seems like Paris has befriended a zombie! I thought maybe LiLo was acting as a mama figure to the celebutante and had Taken Her Daughter To Work With Her (Day)?

But no, it turns out that this girl legit is supposed to look that way. That’s weird. But OK, if we can suspend our disbelief that Paris is an actor (zing! never-before-done-ZING!), then we can suspend our disbelief on the costume/makeup job on the “nottie.”

Blah blah, do I really need to tell you the plot of this movie? If you’re going to go see this, I’m impressed that you can actually read. Stay away from me. Luckily this is only playing uptown at the AMC Empire 25 (far from Brooklyn).


Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show: 30 Days & 30 Nights – Hollywood to the Heartland: Proportionately, the length of this title far exceeds my interest in the film it is describing. From the trailer and clips, this movie seems to be about a bunch of guys who were convinced to be comedians by their drunk frat brothers at 3am before passing out in their own vomit. Vince Vaughn takes them on a bus to comedy shows as well as some of his famous friends as a back up plan. Stars Justin Long of Dodgeball and Jon Favreau of Swingers talk to the audience about…being Justin Long of Dodgeball and Jon Favreau of Swingers. If you’re a fan of Dane Cook’s inane Tourgasm series, this film looks like it would be a worthy accompaniment. This is playing at the AMC Loews Village 7.

The Band’s Visit: An Egyptian Police brass band are on their way to play an initiation ceremony at an Arab arts center, but get sidetracked in a small Israeli town. The film was selected as Israel’s Academy Award Foreign Language film, but was disqualified because more than half of the film’s dialogue is in English instead of Arabic or Hebrew. All the same, it is my pick of the week. Unfortunately, it is only playing at the Angelika.

In Bruges: Martin McDonagh, who is normally a writer for the stage, has been advertising the hell out of this little dark comedy. The trailer has played before almost every release I’ve seen in the past two months, and I still find it pretty amusing. Colin Farrell wears a perma-scowl throughout as the characters make fun of midgets, prostitutes, Belgians and fat Americans. Farrell has never really done comedy before (unless you count Miami Vice) but it seems to be a pretty good fit. While the goofy hitman in crisis movie has been done before, this looks like a well written comedy with some great actors. It’s playing at the Angelika.

Also, Gimme Shelter will be playing at the Landmark Sunshine on Friday Night at midnight, and BAM, in addition to playing Oscar contenders at BAM Rose Cinemas, will be screening His Girl Friday on Valentine’s Day. For more info, please go here. And for anyone who hasn’t seen His Girl Friday, it’s a fantastic Howard Hawks movie with Carey Grant and Rosalind Russell that is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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