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Hey, good news!

Soon we’ll be able to drink absinthe legally in the good old U S of A. It makes me feel proud despite that whole habeas corpus thing.

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a-train.gifc-train.gife-train.gifin the hole.

s-train.gif Short, limited service. Perfect for so many men I’ve dated.

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The NYC Condoms are Brooklyn Skeptic’s new favorite things. However, we figure that if you’re going to make them MTA themed, you might as well go all the way (so to speak). Here are the first two in BS’s line of NYC Condoms.

g-train.gifThe G Condom can be found in the F packaging from 12:00AM to 5:00AM Monday – Friday. It is unreliable, at best.

l-train.gif The L Condom is characterized by its asymmetrical cut. It works well on the weekdays, but you should have a Plan B for the weekend.

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New York Times: Isn’t that a cocky thing to say? You don’t seem very appreciative.

Ira Glass: But I do feel appreciative! I’m not communicating my feelings very well if you’re not getting that.

Why is the New York Times such a jerk? Who would pick on Ira Glass? A bully, that’s who. I expected this little interview to be a love-fest, but no, the cold, unfeeling NY Times picked at this treasure of a man. It’s probably just jealousy. Ira Glass is twice the journalist these monkeys could ever be – and he does it all in his geekily hot way.

The only thing that kept me from throwing my computer out the window was this bit of trivia: Ira Glass is actually related to Philip Glass. That’s cool.


Ira Glass: He’ll kick your ass.

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