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Well, sort of. We sort of talked to some sort of famous people. Okay fine, we barely spoke to some people you have probably never heard of. In any case, it was a hoot.

Last night we were invited to attend the IFC Downfront Party (look out for another post about IFC’s upcoming programming from recklesley) at Manahatta. Still a little confused as to why we had even been invited to the event (high school made most of us a little insecure), we arrived at Bowery to find a short line, a velvet rope and a bouncer with a clipboard. And guess what? We were on the list! They let us in!

Everyone at the bar was insanely attractive and fashionable. Momentarily mesmerized, we eventually moved on to what had originally brought us to the event: free beer and food. We did both of these things, and quietly sat in the back room only talking with each other while the hot people talked about hot things that hot people do when they’re super hot.

A few beers later we had a visit from a San Francisco comedian named Mary Van Note. We were incredibly excited that someone was talking with us, and we decided to give her a quick interview. She was visiting for the week and doing a few shows, but unfortunately she leaves today so you can’t see any of them. What you should do is check out her website and look her up if you’re ever headed to the west coast. She was very friendly, and talked about her first experience in Williamsburg and going to both Galapagos and Hugs. She compared the neighborhood to the Mission in San Francisco in that both are heavy on irony, skinny jeans and skinny ties. We were quick to inform her that not all of Brooklyn is like that.

After she left, we decided we were just drunk enough to try and get another interview. Our target this time was Justin Rice, guitarist for the band Bishop Allen and star of the film Mutual Appreciation. We tracked Rice down outside and asked him a quick three questions. Rice lives in Greenpoint and we asked him to name his favorite bars. He said he was a fan of more old fashioned bars, and named Radegast Beer Hall. When pressed he also said that he enjoyed drinking at Peter Luger’s. He was at the IFC party with his friend Joe Swanberg, who made the film Hannah Takes the Stairs and is acting with Rice in the new film The Mountain, The River and the Road. We asked him one final question which was “what’s your favorite movie?” He responded that it was Dazed and Confused.

And that was Brooklyn Skeptic’s dance with very minor celebrities (but not minor personalities). At this point, there were fewer hot people there (they went on to the next place they could get free drinks) so we finished up our beers and headed back to Brooklyn. I think we all sincerely hope that this catches on, and we can get drunk for free and look at hot people more often.

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