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For some reason, there’s barely anything coming out this weekend. I think it’s God’s way of telling you to go outside and fly a kite.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

The Plot: The kids return to Narnia. One of them has sex with a fawn. It’s awkward.

Is it worth eleven dollars?: No. There are going to be plenty of blockbusters this summer, so I suggest you take a weekend off. The first installment in the series, in my opinion, was pretty bland. All the subtlety that the book had was abandoned in exchange for bad special effects, intense religious themes and forgettable acting. Plus, the only two actors who were on the right track last time, Tilda Swinton and James McAvoy, are now gone. While this one has the potential to be darker and more mature, I’m still not going to pay full price to see it in theaters. I’d rather see the BBC version again. The Ice Queen made me shit my pants.

Where is it playing in Brooklyn/New York?: Pavilion, Cobble Hill Cinemas, United Artists on Court Street.


The Plot: Two writers try to get famous, with different levels of success.

Is it worth eleven dollars?: It sounds like it. I’ve been reading some interesting reviews of this film so far (especially here). This is Danish director Joachim Trier’s first feature length film after having directed two award winning shorts.

Where is it playing in Brooklyn/New York?: Landmark Sunshine.

And that’s it. The midnight movie at Landmark Sunshine tomorrow is Dazed and Confused, and at the IFC Center it’s The Beales of Grey Gardens. Also, check out BAM‘s website for some upcoming screenings.

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