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Right now, you’re asking yourself, “what on earth does a gun-toting, hokey-loving, horseman of the apocalypse have to do with a twinkle-toed merry-maker?” If you would just turn your attention to the following evidence, I’m sure you’ll have no problem figuring it out:

Watch me.

There were a few weeks there when critics heralded the inevitable demise of SNL. After the election, they argued, when Tina Fey went back to 30 Rock and could no longer carry the show with her spot-on Palin impression, SNL would cease to be culturally relevant and we’d all just go back to doing drugs on Saturday nights. What JT shows us, however, is that SNL never has to go down that road – as long as Justin Timberlake will regularly make surprise guest appearances on the show where he hosts better than the host, performs better than the musical guest and is funnier than all of the regular cast members combined.

See? It’s easy. If Tina Fey can carry an entire episode with one two and a half minute sketch every other week, a little Justin magic once per quarter can stave off the death knell for SNL indefinitely.

Oh, and may we never forget.

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Boo. Ya.

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