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Hey, good news!

Soon we’ll be able to drink absinthe legally in the good old U S of A. It makes me feel proud despite that whole habeas corpus thing.

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My charming and incredibly handsome roommate has informed me of several updates in Gowanus. First of all, apparently Sludgie was not the first whale seen in the Gowanus area. I especially like the part when someone compares Gowanus to “a ‘region of the dead,’ like the River Styx of mythology.” Comforting.

And secondly, Gowanus Yacht Club is set to open this weekend! For those of you unfamiliar with the bar, it is all outdoors and incredibly cheap. On their menu are some 22oz. Ballantine’s for a cheap price (and various other beers), as well as grill food. I wholly intend to quit my job and spend the rest of the summer sitting there. Perhaps we’ll see each other there sometime.

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I want to say, this has been a tough week. Lots of negative things going on. But you…you brightened people’s hearts. The idea of a whale in Brooklyn put a smirk on all of our faces.

I hoped you could have moved on, found a group of fellow whales, swam away in cleaner, gentler waters…(less bodies, shrapnel, and toxic sludge)

In the words of beloved Mayor Bloomberg, “My thoughts are with the whale.”

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Had I known. That. There was a whale. Down the street from me. In. The Gowanus Canal. I. Would have. Dropped whatever I was doing. To. See. That. Shit.

I. Love. Whales.

In all seriousness though, there being a whale in the Gowanus Canal both worries and excites me. I worry due to the canal’s poisonous toxins, but I am excited because there was a whale in Brooklyn.

Sea life is so amazing.

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west hartford whale

A WHALE in Gowanus Canal!!

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