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Last night’s Saturday Night Live was probably the funniest of the season, or at least as funny as the Jon Hamm episode. Pretty much every skit was centered on Justin Timberlake (he was even in the musical numbers) to the extent that they should probably just start calling it Justin Timberlake Live. Wow. He even made the Target Lady sketch really funny. And Target Lady is the dumbest sketch there is you guys. God damn it Justin Timberlake, can’t you just be bad at one thing?

Oh and did anyone else notice that they filmed the beginning of the Mother’s Day song at the Brooklyn House of Detention on Atlantic Avenue? And that it’s mostly shot in Brooklyn? That’s where we live! In Brooklyn, that is. Not in the House of Detention. Only recklesley lives in there. She knows what she did. And so does everyone at the 1998 Daughters of the American Revolution summit.

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a-train.gifc-train.gife-train.gifin the hole.

s-train.gif Short, limited service. Perfect for so many men I’ve dated.

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Your objections to my objections having been duly noted, I must press on for the honor of Andy Samberg.

To address your initial concerns: No, I don’t watch SNL because it is neither “Battlestar Galactica,” nor is it on TV when I’m at the gym. Yes, SNL – hell, I’ll even broaden that to sketch comedy as a genre – sucks on a level that is frightening to someone who was raised Catholic. No, Samberg’s hair isn’t frizzy; it is clearly well conditioned. Yes, Parnell rules. No, Justin was not the star of that short because he was annoying and squeakily-voiced.

The thing is, RK, I completely agree with you on the whole SNL thing. It’s not good. Not at all. However, to suggest that the deep crapitude of the show is in any way related to Samberg’s lack of talent is nigh criminal. Due to terrible writing and possibly to a lack of ideas (understandable, given that the show has been going on since the dinosaurs roamed the earth), SNL is just a terrible vehicle for everyone.

However, as you conceded, the “digital shorts” featured on the show are excellent. This is Samberg’s true art, his medium. This is where his charming, de-pantsing je ne sais quoi really shines. These shorts make me want to get all up in his shorts, if you know what I mean. Plus they’re funny.

You have to consider Samberg outside of the soul-crushing chains of mediocre sketch comedy. Within the realm of edited, rehearsed comedy, he’s a golden god.

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Editorial Rebuttal

I agree with you on a certain level. “Chronic-What-cles of Narnia”– good stuff. “Dick in a Box”– funny. However, the (laugh out loud) humor brought to the table in both these digital shorts (note: not sketches, which is what Saturday Night Live is really about, and is where Andy Samberg really sucks) has very little to do with Andy Samberg. Clearly it is Chris Parnell who really carries “Narnia.” As he is both middle aged and a very good rapper. He is also very white. Andy Samberg is simply young, “attractive,” and can pull off the lyrics. I am sure he also had something to do with developing the short, allowing him to take part in it. And “Dick in a Box”….I think we can all agree it is Justin Timberlake who is the real star of the short. And even though Justin T doesn’t have the impeccable timing of a truly talented SNL star, or Alec Baldwin (What can i say? The man can make me chuckle like no one’s bizniz), he is an amazingly talented and sexy dancer. So exceptions are made for him.

Here are the top three reasons why I have a certain hatred for Mr. Samberg:

1) I was going to put an SNL sketch (from youtube) in here where A.S. clearly demonstrates his lack of comedic capabilities, but all SNL sketches have been taken off the site due to copyright claims by NBC. So you will just have to have faith that I am right. Which I am.

2) I am an excellent judge of character, and can sense Andy Samberg’s eagerness and inability to pick up on subtle comedy cues. He says his lines, and has a trendy head of frizzy hair. He offers nothing more to the show.

3) He thinks he’s hot shit.

But most importantly, I have been an avid viewer of the sketch comedy show for the past 12 years. This means I have seen not only some of the greats of SNL, but that I have also seen the duds. And Andy Samberg my friend, is a dud.

Brooklyn Skeptic Contributer: Dost thou even watch Saturday Night Live?

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Saturday Night Live is no longer funny. Why is this show still an hour and half? Because it’s so unfunny? Is that why? Dumb. This show should be cut down to like, 12 minutes. But I will say, there are several good players on the show at the moment: Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, and Keenan Thompson. Everyone else should be flushed down the NBC toilet. But Andy Samberg should first be burned. His lack of comedic timing makes me cringe. But I do remember this one time, when I was watching an Andy Samberg skit, I laughed a little. But I was also high. And drunk. And looking in the mirror. And wearing a wig. Inside out. I hope America will soon catch on to his unfunniness. That probably won’t happen though, since America thinks “Two and a Half Men” is the best sitcom on CBS….although is it the best sitcom on CBS? It very well might be, seeing as how CBS isn’t even really considered a legitimate network anymore. To me. And just because I’ve seen several (x3) episodes of the show, doesn’t mean I enjoy being subjected to its 40 something year old humor. It means I have really low standards for television. Oh, right, but SNL. Stupid. In my opinion this is the worst season since 2002, when the show lost Will Ferrell. Whatever, sketch comedy is dying. Even if there are two new (critically acclaimed) shows revolving around the genre. I think that SNL should go on hiatus until it stops sucking.

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