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It’s been brought to my attention that not everyone knows the A+ list celebrities mentioned in the “Guess Who’s Dancin’?” post. To clear up any confusion, I will go through a few of the lesser known, but just as talented, famous contestants competing in this season’s “Dancing With the Stars.”

Ian Ziering: I didn’t realize there were people in this world who wouldn’t recognize that name. Ziering is a Beverly Hills 90210 alum, playing Steve Saunders for 10+ years. If you still don’t know who Ziering is, you really shouldn’t be reading this blog, since you are lame.

Billy Ray Cyrus: Cyrus sang the hit song, “Achy, Breaky Heart” and is most famous for sporting a glorious mullet in the late 90s. Cyrus was also the lead character in the hit TV drama, “Doc,” which reruns regularly on the PAX network. Oh, he’s also Hannah’s father in Disney’s original series, “Hannah Montana.” He might actually be the biological father of the “Hannah” actress. But don’t quote me on that. However, if I’m right, I’m a genius.

Heather Mills: Mills is Paul McCartney’s recently divorced wife. She has a fake leg.

Hope these footnotes helped. If you have anymore questions, look them up on wikipedia.org, lazies.

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Ian Ziering and Billy Ray Cyrus, that’s who. This season’s Dancing With the Stars is pulling out all the stops. I say this not because Joey Fatone (Fat-One) will be cha cha cha-ing across that wonderful ABC sponsored dance floor, but because Heather Mills will be competing as well. Interesting choice, Dancing With the Stars. Interesting indeed. Seriously though, really, really interesting. And weird.  There are a number of other competitors, I simply cannot think of any at the moment. Probably because they’re not real celebrities. Not like Ian Ziering. But I do know Muhammad Ali’s daughter will be showing off her tango skills. Maybe she’ll punch someone.

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American Idol, why are you so racist…..against Asians? The first contestant kicked off the show tonight was, you guessed it, the Asian guy. Or more widely known as, the Korean guy. While he was not the best, he certainly was not the worst of the group. Is the A.I. voting Asian community that small? And while I do not participate in the voting aspect of the show (please, what kind of loser do you take me for?), if I did vote, I would have voted for my Opah. (In Korean “Opah” means “big brother.” This blog is so educational.) Also, remember that girl who sang “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”? The one who I thought should have ended her performance after singing the first note? Well, she made it through to the next round. Because she’s pretty. Nice, America, nice.

PS. Is Ryan Seacrest shrinking?

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