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I’ve been trying to keep ahead of any news coming out of Super Tuesday…and well there isn’t actually that much to keep track of. I did love this though..there’s a squabble between a pretty haired mormon, recovering druggy, and two aging veterans.

It goes like this: Limbaugh, talk show host extraordinaire, is bashing on McCain for…I don’t know eating babies and letting immigrants come in and take our jobs (and women). So Bob Dole, erectile dysfunction expert, WWII vet, and former senator, writes Limbaugh a letter saying, “No no!” McCain loves him some conservatism and you should give him a break.

Then Mitt Romney goes on to “Fox and Friends” (Mitt is the “friend” portion) and says he wouldn’t want Dole writing a letter for him. Then McCain goes on television demanding Mitt Romney apologize for what he said about Dole…because McCain said that Dole was still much better than mormonmoneybag Romney. The old asking for an apology by insulting the person scheme, works every time.

McCain & Romney
McCain & Romney: A Love/Hate Relationship

In the democratic nomination news, we can finally add someone interesting to our endorsement list for Hillary. “50 “Gunshotsteroiduser” Cent” is pushing his muscley weight behind Hillary. He said it was because he thought Obama would be shot if elected.

Either way congrats Hillary! Even though I’m sure this means Kanye will endorse Obama any second now, just out of spite.

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OK, the title is not quite accurate, but I’m a sucker for alliteration. The school in question is NOT a madrassa. It is a public, secular school.

As you may know, in NYC there are these things called New Visions High Schools – they are small schools with at least one comunity partner – non-profit (like FoodChange), city agency (like FDNY), or institution (like Brooklyn Botanic Gardens). These schools are cool because there is a higher staff to student ratio, and staff over at the community partner may have more time for fundraising and advocacy than the overworked school staff. And, it provides students the opportunity to learn in-depth about a particular topic from “experts.”

Last year plans got underway for a new New Visions school called Khalil Gibran International Academy, which planned to graduate every student bilungual in Arabic and English and with the general understanding that being Arab is not the same as being a terrorist. Its community partner will be the Arab American Family Support Center and curricula on conflict resolution and diversity will be run by the Tannenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding.

So clearly this could not happen smoothly or without protest. The other day one of the founders and intended principal was forced to resign. An editorial from NY Daily News gives more details:

Officially, Almontaser resigned this month in the wake of a furor over the fact that she didn’t condemn the word “intifadeh” on a T-shirt. But Almontaser didn’t defend Palestinian violence against Israelis, as her critics claim. She simply tried to offer a wider context for a word most Americans associate only with terrorist violence.

That’s called education; but because she is an Arab and a Muslim, her statements were subject to greater scrutiny and suspicion.

It was mostly this editorial that prompted me to write this post today – I thought that more people should at least be aware of what’s going on. But further searches just led me to Campus Watch, which I haven’t thought about since my time in undergrad as a Middle-Eastern Studies Major. This group is on the lookout for terrorist apologists or fomenters all over the country. So they said that the fact that supporters of the school held a community meeting in a mosque proves that the school will be a madrassa.

 OK, so if a community meeting is held in a Christian Church it’s good community organizing – using an already vital neighborhood institution to draw people in who go out of their way to be part of an intentional community. At a mosque, it’s gotta be clear evidence of a desire to brainwash and prosthelitize? No. That is clearly a bigoted assumption.

If you have occasion to be talking about this or talking to some elected officials of yours, let them know that this school should be supported as the necessity to build understanding and tolerance obviously exists, and it should get the same support and scrutiny that any other new NYC DOE school would.

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In a city only slightly less depraved than New York, but equally hated by most of America, our fine Mayor Bloomberg shuffled his Republican party affiliation off this mortal coil. Yesterday in Los Angeles, Bloomberg announced that he will now vote as an independent and run as an independent…if he so chooses to run for any particular office in the future…not that he is saying he is…it’s really more of a house-keeping type thing…you know, because…okay fine! He wants to be president, damn it! He just hates guns and loves abortion too much to be Republican. And he hates poor people to much to be a Democrat.

The gagillionaire Mayor explained to a California audience that included Gov. Schwarzenegger the many critiques he has for both the Republican and Democratic parties. The Governator retorted, “stop whining, you idiot!” He then got in his Hummer and drove away. After the disruption, Bloomberg continued to to address the crowd: “Any successful elected executive knows that real results are more important than partisan battles, and that good ideas should take precedence over rigid adherence to any particular political ideology.” He later added, “unless we’re talking about sweet, sweet capitalism.”

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Last night I watched a very informative program on VH1: Lindsay Lohan’s Most Shocking. Initially I was reluctant to invest an hour of my precious time to a program dedicated to exposing truths I was already familiar with. (I am well aware of Linzzee’s party girl tendencies, and her internet leaked crotch shots.) However, me being who I am, a celeb indulging gossiper, watched this show in its entirety, and…was not disappointed. If anything, ironically, I came out of the hour long Lohan fest liking the red-headed seductress even more than I already didn’t. (That’s right, didN’T. I have spent the better half of my time here in NY shit talking Lohan….while secretly hoping to run into her on the street, because apparently, I love her.)

Anyway, after viewing “Lindsay Lohan’s Most Shocking” I realize Lindsay is not the worst of the party girls. Is she a liar? Sure. Is she immature? Who, these days isn’t? Does she like to snort coke? Listen, these actresses need to stay thin, and not everyone wants to fuck with trimspa. But my point is, she is just like the rest of young Hollywood, only she is forced deal with one person no other young Hollywood starlet must endure: Michael Lohan.

Michael Lohan, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the Lohan clan, is Lindsay’s father. (FYI: Dina is Lindsay’s stage mom, Ali is Lindsay’s little sister, and I think Lindz has a lil’ bro too, but we don’t care about him.) Anyway, Father Lohan was recently released from jail, however during his time of incarceration Michael wrote an apologetic ballad to Lindsay, in response to her single, “Confessions of a Broken Heart,” and published these poetic lyrics in the NY Daily News. The NY Daily News, people, the NY Daily News. This, ladies and gents, is why no one can convince me of Lindsay’s behavior as being unwarranted. Had I read poem like lyrics, written by my former stock broker father, in aa/bb rhyme scheme, dedicated to me, in the newspaper, I’m sure I too would do everything in my power to forget that words, in general, exist. And I would attempt to forget by party hardying. Just. Like. Lindsay.

Also addressed in the Lohanmentary were Lindsay’s ongoing celebrity battles. You know, her quarrels with Paris, Scarlett, and that rich douche, Brandon Davis. In case you pay no attention to celebrity gossip (Recklesley), Brandon D was caught on film calling Lindsay derogatory redheaded slurs, and claimed she “shits freckles.” Admittedly, the latter comment made me chuckle a little. However, that does not excuse the fact that Davis, who is in no position to be judging someone else’s appearance, is an arse.

(Fug Davis)

And I could not care less about either Paris Hilton or Scarlett Johannson. Although, Paris Hilton, in my opinion, is the worst human being, period. If the devil, Lucifer, is amongst us right now, disguised as an idiot blonde who enjoys tumbling off horses and making sex vids, then I believe Paris Hilton is the devil. Therefore, in these fights, Lindsay comes out on top.

But most importantly, let us never forget both “Freaky Friday” and “Mean Girls.” These two films catapulted Lindsay’s career for a reason. They are funny, heartfelt, and really capture the true Lohan essence. I love both these movies, and hence, my heart will always hold a soft spot for Miss Lindsay Lohan.

The. End.

PS Did you read Michael Lohan’s song lyrics? I wonder who “THEM” refers to!

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MoveOn.org is inviting all of us to a virtual town hall to talk about Iraq with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson, Dennis Kucinich, and Joe Biden. Earnestness is not my forte, but I think this is genuinely good.

Virtual Town Hall: Iraq
Tuesday, April 10
7:15 PM

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the thing with I know this should be called, “Drowning in Republican Tears #2”, but I can’t avoid sensationalist headlines.

To start things out, the Republican Party puts a lot of stock into being homogeneous, despite being filled to the brim with libertarians, fiscal conservatives, neocons, hardcore evangelicals and so forth. This is all because the Republican Party’s strategy is to create/find a resonating idea (with hyped rhetoric), like communism, terrorism, the moral decay of society, whatever…and then push forward with a hypothetical united front. Then there they are, the Republican base holding hands in unison, singing kumbaya, fighting the good fight, while the evil Democrats are just angry, mean, and disagreeable. It’s really a beautiful dance of cogs and gears.

The great thing about Giuliani is, right when the Republican Party is out trying to find it’s new voice, recovering from scandals and internal doubt, the most Democrat Republican (or just the oddest Republican) is polled first for the Republican primaries. It’s quite wonderful because it undermines the whole idea of the Republican movement. It ruins their aura of homogeny, shows the weakening of the evangelical base, and to top it off Giuliani is completely and utterly unelectable. I won’t even get to his failed personal life, which even makes mine look rosy (ie I break up with girls via text messages, he breaks up with his wife via a public press conference*). He has no experience with public policy on the federal or even state level, and even his 9-11 strengths aren’t that strong.

I’m not saying that Giuliani is sticking with these beliefs, that would be too much to ask from a candidate. Instead he’s scrambling to the right like McCain (or any other candidate’s “readjustments”), trying to find a way to renounce the platforms he’s ran on in the past. He’s already stated that he will only appoint baby loving judges to the Supreme Court. Don’t worry though, we can still watch him as he wiggles around his ideas of gun control and gay marriage. It’ll be amazing to see a man eat his own foot.

So for every moment that Rudy Giuliani is holding the race, he’s a symbol of the present collapse of the Republican Party (besides Bush himself, Mark Foley, Abramoff, “Scooter”, Gonzales…I give up).

*To any single females reading this, I don’t actually break up with people via text messages. Just the occasional email/voicemail. Or sometimes notes with cut letters from a magazine.


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Republican Party, you have made your god weep.

I really take glee in all of the proclamations of the downfall of the Republican Party (Yet two years ago they said the same about Democrats). It’s probably due to the overwhelming arrogance that it embodies. With people like Bush, Cheney, Gonzoles as the poster-boys. It’s like the joy of watching the bullies and villains at the end of movies get thrown down into a pit of snakes (my apologies, I’ve watched a lot of Indiana Jones).

In my first installment, let’s talk about our favorite Mr. John McCain.


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