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I failed you my millions and millions of fevered Skep-Pics fans.

First off, I was in Florida for a while. And I had all these fun in the sun pics, which I spared you because I didn’t want to rub it in our collective reader’s beautiful faces. Then there was this extravagant loss of a precious collection of Brooklyn pics, like the one I posted last time, which were lost.

Enough of excuses. Let’s just have a new Skep-Pic from my personal archives.

Prospect Heights Alley

Prospect Heights

Also I will take this time to self promote. I have a new portfolio-style book of my work available. Take a look at a short preview, buy a copy, and be able to tell people that you know me back when I was still a pauper.

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I watch a lot of movie trailers, and try to avoid sharing them with the world, as I’ve learned that not everyone finds them as fascinating as I do (who knew?). I couldn’t resist this one though.

So I’m not as into Lost as I’m sure some Brooklyn Skeptics are, but J.J. Abrams definitely knows how to bring the hype. I came across this trailer for his new movie (he produced it), which has yet to be named (although it sounds like it’s going to be Cloverfield). Apparently this played before some Transformers screenings, but it certainly wasn’t at mine, because I would’ve remembered it.

Let’s just say, it’s fucking awesome looking. This might be the most mysterious and intriguing ad campaign since The Blair Witch Project. Even if the trailer doesn’t interest you, check out the imdb message boards, as fan boys are already coming up with crazy theories and swearing at each other.

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If you haven’t been by Coney Island yet, you better get on down. Astroland is set to close in September.

Despite the recent alterations in the plans, it’s pretty much accepted that all the grimy ole amusement feel will be cleaned off and polished. Rockabilly kids probably will be replaced by people with time shares, the old facades torn down, hot dog stands replaced by restaurants, freak shows replaced by concerts…

So I say take the F train down, enjoy the atmosphere, play in the glassy sand, take the bumper cars for a drive, build sand castles, see some freaks, go to a burlesque show, and play some skee ball, ride your favorite ride till you’re dizzy…because who knows what the next Coney Island will bring.

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