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American Idol, why are you so racist…..against Asians? The first contestant kicked off the show tonight was, you guessed it, the Asian guy. Or more widely known as, the Korean guy. While he was not the best, he certainly was not the worst of the group. Is the A.I. voting Asian community that small? And while I do not participate in the voting aspect of the show (please, what kind of loser do you take me for?), if I did vote, I would have voted for my Opah. (In Korean “Opah” means “big brother.” This blog is so educational.) Also, remember that girl who sang “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”? The one who I thought should have ended her performance after singing the first note? Well, she made it through to the next round. Because she’s pretty. Nice, America, nice.

PS. Is Ryan Seacrest shrinking?

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Dear Arcade Fire,

The Phantom of the Opera is going to be so pissed when he finds out you ganked his power chords.


Brooklyn Skeptic.

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