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Last week at a Los Angeles Comedy Club, Jon Lovitz beat the living shit out of Andy Dick, apparently smashing his head into the bar several times. It’s no surprise that Andy Dick is pissing people off, but who knew that Jon Lovitz had an ass-kicking in him?

Next up: Zach Galifianakis gives Dane Cook a much deserved kick in the balls.

 *Update: The New York Post might have been exaggerating. I know, it’s hard to believe that such a reputable news source would ever hyperbolize!

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Color Me Posh

Tonight NBC’s premiering an hour long documentary on Victoria Beckham’s (aka Posh Spice) move to the U.S. Now I know many of you find this topic to be not only useless, but in some ways even detrimental to modern day culture. However, I would like to remind you all that Victoria Beckham is the closest thing this world has to a female robot, and therefore I think this fascination with the former spice girl should not be looked down upon. But rather, it should be embraced.

Although, I guess my thoughts on Vict Beck might be a bit biased, since I really dig her new haircut.

And her husband.

And her former career choices.

But even if I didn’t find any of those topics interesting, I think I’d still enjoy watching Victoria as she tries to take over Los Angeles.

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