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About a year ago I was invited to see Monster Eiffel Tower, a Brooklyn Rock trio who were playing at the Knitting Factory. I was not particularly excited to go to the show. For starters, their music was described to me as being a little harder and more experimental than my usual tastes. There was a period in my life when I was going to Mars Volta shows, but I never knew what the fuck they were talking about (exo-skeletal junction at the railroad delayed?) and have since become far wussier in my musical selection.

Also, I know two of the people in the band. This is not to say that the two band members aren’t intelligent and charming people (they are), but in my life I have rarely enjoyed my friends’ bands, poetry sessions and, especially, improv groups (maybe improv in general just pisses me off). Anyway, up until this point, I had never seen these two with instruments, and assumed they were as bad as my friend in eighth grade who wrote a bizarre Bob Dylan knock-off called “Story of a Dead Man” which pretty much featured one verse and a lot of mumbling (he made me listen to it over one thousand times).

To say that I was proven wrong is an understatement. It would have been one thing if the band had been simply tolerable, but the fact that I actually like them? Weird. Since that first show, I’ve seen them play multiple shows at Lit, Galapagos, Arlene’s Grocery and Trash Bar. I have their album now (available here), and I have since found myself quietly singing the lyrics to Dock War, or humming the tune to the amusingly epic Skyscraper Halo while riding the subway. The album clearly defines the band’s stronger points: the ways singer Andrew Kennedy’s voice can go from a whisper to a resonant, throaty yell to match the insanely quick rhythm changes from bassist Peter Squires and drummer Caleb Webster, who can instantly turn prog-metal into anthemic pop-punk without skipping a beat (pun intended). It’s difficult to tell which direction any song is going to go, and that’s a lot of the fun.

In any case, I recommend checking out the album. I know that I may be biased due to my friendship with them, but in the past my relationship with musicians has only made me more skeptical of their music. And seriously, this shit just rocks.

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Do it.

Monster Eiffel Tower reminds you what rock feels like.
Tonight, March 19th at Galapagos!

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The most Brooklynest band in Brooklyn is playing at Trash Bar in Williamsburg this week. Be there, or be square. And by “square,” I mean “one who does not partake in free beer from 8 – 9 p.m.”


Friday, July 20
8:00 p.m.
Trash Bar
256 Grand Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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Marilyn Manson’s video for his new single “Heart Shaped Glasses,” (which was inspired by his new barely legal girlfriend…I guess she wears glasses in the shape of hearts) is somewhat disturbing. I was originally going to post the video on here, but decided that might be dangerous territory since it’s basically pornography. But you can find it on youtube. Just type in: “Marilyn Manson + Heart Shaped Glasses.” (It’s a very complicated procedure.)

Now, initially after screening “Heart Shaped Glasses,” I felt compelled to write a post about how crude and inappropriate I found the video to be. And how I was convinced it was produced by the devil. (On a side note : Rumor has it the video’s initial sex scene between Manson and his 19 year-old girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood, was not simulated– meaning actual sex was had and filmed. Thoughts?) But then, just as I was about to cross over into the “New Document” tab, I looked over at youtube.com’s “related” clips and noticed a “Henry Rollins Interviews Marilyn Manson (Part 1 of 2)”. Intrigued. I was intrigued. So intrigued I watched both parts of the interview.

For those of you who have seen “Bowling for Columbine,” you know just how articulate and intelligent Marilyn Manson is. But if you’re at all adjusted to social norms, you’ve most likely forgotten exactly how engaging you found him to be in the film, and in most recent months, have been focusing your “Manson” judgments towards his smudged lipstick and the fact that he’s dating a very young, impressionable girl who, in his latest video, he makes out with in a pool of blood.

But after this Henry Rollins interview, my opinion of Manson has been altered back to the state it was in after first viewing “Columbine.” I’m not saying I would date Manson, but I am saying I can understand why someone would/might. Pretty crazy turnaround, huh? But before you label me as someone with a warped sense of who’s hot and who’s not, I suggest clicking the “play” button below and watching the interview yourself. You might find it enlightening.



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