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The Oscar Nominations were announced yesterday. As per usual, there were few surprises. Among them:

  • The Dark Knight and Wall-E were not nominated for best picture. Everyone has been talking about this being the year of the blockbuster (and by everyone, I mean my mother and I while I was home for the weekend). Both films, with their ridiculous box office intake, were supposed to revitalize the ratings slump the Oscar ceremony has been in for sometime. Instead, the most nominated film of the year was an adaptation of an F. Scott Fitzgerald story that was met with more “meh, I guess it was alright” audience reactions than any other movie in recorded history.
  • Bruce Springsteen got snubbed. Who cares if the song he wrote is just another “I’m an older guy who made mistakes in the past but that’s okay because this is America and my boots are dusty but I luckily have a red bandana on me at all times to wipe them off, if only it could wipe away the sadness that I feel when I realize that she left me hey why is there an American flag that is following me wherever I go” song. It’s the fucking Boss. Show some respect.
  • Robert Downey Jr. gets a nomination. If he wins (which he definitely won’t – he’s up against Heath Ledger) maybe he’ll give his speech in character?
  • Revolutionary Road gets virtually no love. Okay. So it’s a period piece. Check. It’s an adaptation of a famous author’s novel. Check. It stars a pair Oscar nominees who haven’t been in a film together since they were in Titanic, the highest grossing movie ever that also won best picture. Check. Oscar winning director. Check. White people’s angst in suburbia. Check.  A scene where a wife-beater clad Leonardo Dicaprio runs in the street with no reason other than I guess a metaphor or something for running from his problems. Check. Seriously, what’s missing? Dame Judi Dench can’t be in every fucking movie, guys.


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