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Ah the Christmas Gap ads. See your favorite stars (like um…Jason Biggs and uh…Sandra Bernhardt) dance around to festive tunes in front of a white background, while sporting knit sweaters and scarves. Nothing says the holidays quite like the guy from Six Feet Under playing We 3 Kingz (they added a “z” to let you know that this is seriously hip), or Napoleon Dynamite humping air. Way to go Gap. Now even the air we breathe is unpure.

The only interesting thing they did here was reverse the gender roles in Baby, It’s Cold Outside, so that Selma Blair is trying to coax Dwight from the Office into staying at her place, and not the other way around. I remember watching White Christmas as a kid and thinking that Bing Crosby was trying to date rape Rosemary Clooney, especially when she utters the line “Hey what’s in this drink?”

Thanks Gap, Merry Christmas!

Alright fine, this one is freaking adorable.

Alright fine, this one is freaking adorable.


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