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I’m not completely positive we’re arguing about the same thing here, but I will fight back nevertheless.

I am well aware of the fact that Jordan Catalano had his faults. He totally dissed Angela when she sought him out at the Buffalo Tom show, although in his defense, I would have too (remember how she just showed up even though he clearly didn’t want her there? Talk about eager), he spelled her name with two L’s, “Angella,” and slept with Rayanne. Okay, the sleeping with Rayanne was pretty bad, but it’s not like he and Angela were still together. Kids will be kids, right?

However, unlike real-life Jared Leto, Jordan had some redeeming qualities. First of all, he eventually came around and realized he shouldn’t be embarrassed for liking Angela, that’s quite a big step if you ask me. Seeing as how his embarrassment was completely warranted. Secondly, he taught Angela to drive using his beloved Red. That takes courage. And thirdly, he hugged a distraught Angela under the bleachers after Sharon Cherski called her a bitch. Or something along the same lines as bitch. It was a tender moment.

These are just some of the reasons why we love Jordan. We, the people, knew that deep inside he was a decent human being. And decent was a-ok, since no one that dreamy could possibly be all good.

I’d also like to point out the fact that Angela was by no means an admirable character. She hated her mother, ditched Sharon for a cooler friend, only spoke to Brian when she needed him, and didn’t sleep with Jordan even though he took the time to find an empty warehouse with three bedrooms. Rejection is painful, no matter how beautiful you are. So who’s to say she didn’t deserve the way Jordan treated her. What goes around comes around.

And in terms of Jared Leto’s anti-Jay Leno statement, I’m still holding onto my “he’s lame for saying that” argument. I, like you, hate Jay Leno. But if I were an actor who was comfortably settled into mainstream Hollywood, I don’t think appearing on a late night program would/should be below my standards. I also believe it was not just Jay Leno’s show he was opposed to, but talk shows in general. It’s just like those people who refuse to own a television or listen to mainstream music because they refuse to “conform,” but will spend hours putting together outfits and making sure their hair looks perfectly messy. You know, the type of people we hate. At least if Jordan said something like, “Going on Jay Leno is my biggest fear,” it would’ve made sense. Since he was a total social outcast. A hot outcast, but an outcast nonetheless. Oh, but also, since making that statement Leto has appeared on multiple late-night talk programs. Truly lame.

The End.

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