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Paris Hilton has been released from jail. I figured she’d be dismissed early, but this early? It’s been like, four days. What a disappointment. Apparently she’s leaving due to some undisclosed “medical reasons.” Right. I don’t think cocaine withdrawal or being too stupid should count as actual medical conditions. Although, Lindsay Lohan is pushing that theory. (I worry about her.)

And wasn’t Paris planning to pen a memoir about her prison experience, entitled: “I Suck….Everything”? Whatever. She’ll probably still write it. And I’m sure it will be amazing…ly dumb.

I am outraged.

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Tori Spelling just gave birth to a baby boy. I wonder if he’s going to inherit any of Tori’s original features.

Lindsay Lohan’s father was just released from prison. Good. We need more Lohan drama.

Apparently Tom Brady has impregnated not one, but two women. One of which is Gisele Bundchen. Damn, Tom. Have you ever heard of birth control? And, way to go!

Britney Spears apparently has a new boyfriend. He’s a rocker. They met at Alcoholics Anonymous. Sweet. He wants to save her. And help her pick out a new wig.

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In the last two days, fifteen people searched for the show about intelligence and fifth graders and landed on Brooklyn Skeptic. WordPress does a nice Big Brother-ish job of telling us how people happened across our site (spooky). Now, of those fifteen people, thirteen searched for something along the lines of “are you smarter then a fifth grader” while two people searched for “are you smarter than a fifth grader.” The answer to both of those questions is that 87% of the people who found our blog because of that show are not, in fact, smarter than fifth graders. This makes Brooklyn sad.

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