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West Virigina votes today. It’s interesting to see how this has all been shaping up lately. Each of the candidates trying hard to connect with the hard working types of the midwest…ish..ness.

First, Obama picks up a masculine centric game that doesn’t end in embarassment. Pool.

By the way I’ve tried that behind-the-back shot several times. I’ve missed every one of them. So this should mean something to the electorate. I have also been thinking about the “masculinity off” of last election and how as far as the most recent ones go (bowling and pool?), they are rather wimpy ones. Even metro sexual. Very low chances of getting out of breath or breaking a nail. There’s less of that gun wielding and football throwing.

Now I hope I’m not showing my bias too much, because I blame Hillary for the lack of testosterone so far (this is surprising because as some of you may have heard, she has three testicles) I’m sure she’s turned down any of the challenges of a nice cage match wrestling event (editors note: turns out this was incorrect), and instead has really hidden away in the drink. This is a really clever way of avoiding the more physical pandering maneuvers, and clinches last year’s segment of “I’d like to drink with that candidate” vote. Which really, turns out to be a great test for president.

Either way, she is set to win West Virginia. A thing of note is that West Virginia has a claim to fame. They like claiming, “Every nominee has carried the state‚Äôs primary since 1976, and no Democrat has won the White House without winning West Virginia since 1916.”. It’s a beautiful sentiment: That the quaint, nice, sometimes misinformed (come on, secret Muslims can’t play pool!), hard working West Virginians, are microcosms of American Democrats everywhere! The truth I found much more amusing. Turns out, they’re just always last at these things. So by always being last, they get to choose the presumptive nominee any ways. Well spun West Virginia, well spun. You deserve it though, after years of feeling like the “other” Virginia…you need something to hold on to!

Well so tonight we’ll see how this primary turns out. But it’s still more than likely that Obama will clench the nomination, giving me hope that I might see Obama and McCain have an arm wrestling match for the general election. Then we’ll know for sure who is tough enough to be the President of the United States.

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One of the most surprising things about “growing” up, and getting into the “real world”, was that adults are still children.

At work I have to set up seating charts because some people don’t like sitting next to others, or they will end up squabbling over something.

This was surprising. Adults still need seating charts?

I’ve come to accept this notion. But I’m saddened that the expectations are that a whole state can act like a child. Florida, I’m looking at you.

Whiney Baby

I will agree that the process needs revision, the super delegates and wacky time schedule…but this is the gamble you crazy kids took. You knew if you did this you’d be put in time out and grounded, and you acted out anyways.So the answer isn’t to mope in you room and not go and vote in November. To “punish” the DNC for not giving in. The answer is to be adults and vote for the person you want when the actual general election is taking place, You can blame mom and dad…and Howard Dean…all you want but let’s just try to grow up for a second.


p.s. Florida, if you mess this one up again…I’ll take away your phone privileges and believe me it will hurt you more than it will hurt me.

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