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It started about a month ago. After the creeping onset of panic infected the Hillary campaign and supporters. Slowly losing both the pledged delegate vote, popular vote, and the super delegate vote…some began making outlandish claims of mythological primary where Hillary is in fact winning.

The first time I started hearing this argument fully was with Sean Wiltz’ article in Salon called, “Why Hillary Should Be Winning” (which annoyed me enough to send a response into Salon, later selected among “editor’s choice” woot).


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One of the most surprising things about “growing” up, and getting into the “real world”, was that adults are still children.

At work I have to set up seating charts because some people don’t like sitting next to others, or they will end up squabbling over something.

This was surprising. Adults still need seating charts?

I’ve come to accept this notion. But I’m saddened that the expectations are that a whole state can act like a child. Florida, I’m looking at you.

Whiney Baby

I will agree that the process needs revision, the super delegates and wacky time schedule…but this is the gamble you crazy kids took. You knew if you did this you’d be put in time out and grounded, and you acted out anyways.So the answer isn’t to mope in you room and not go and vote in November. To “punish” the DNC for not giving in. The answer is to be adults and vote for the person you want when the actual general election is taking place, You can blame mom and dad…and Howard Dean…all you want but let’s just try to grow up for a second.


p.s. Florida, if you mess this one up again…I’ll take away your phone privileges and believe me it will hurt you more than it will hurt me.

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Four days ago, Congress got together to fulfill a lofty goal. No, it wasn’t restoring Habeas Corpus, increasing The Children’s Health Insurance Fund, nor giving DC residents political representation. Instead it was to censure the juvenile MoveOn ad. This has been the first time Congress has appeared to agree on anything since re-approving warrantless wiretapping.

For all its worth, this is really a credit to the ongoing power in rhetoric and practices of the Republican Party. The work of Freedom’s Watch (a partisan group of elite investors) goes off with only some mutterings from the media and no apologies from any politician, for heavily partisan ads that blame Democrats for playing politics (see: irony) and again tries to link 9-11/Iraq. Republicans on the other hand are able to pass a symbolic resolutions and make Democrats cower and apologize on behalf this mostly grass-roots organization.

While the Republicans continue to do horribly in most polls, they still can make the Democrats heel with the slightest threat while not even receiving the same criticisms in return. In fact, a similar resolution proposed Thursday which included a condemnation of the MoveOn ad and the previous attacks on John Kerry in 2004 and Democratic Senator Max Cleland in 2002…failed. Only more than three years late and lacking any relevance, Democrats still couldn’t get it together.

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