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Yay! This weekend marks the return of Red Hook’s Soccer Taco Vendors. If you like food and Brooklyn then head down to Red Hook and enjoy some of the finest (yet cheap) cuisine New York has to offer.


I think the weather is supposed to be pretty shitty this weekend, and if you’re allergic to rain, like I am, you can choose to visit the Soccer Taco field another weekend up through October.

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All this steak talk has inspired me to bring to the table one of the hottest foodie topics right now: the pairing of food with cocktails. Here’s a great drink our resident mixologist has sacrificed an afternoon of work to bring you…the Basil Mojito. (Yes, we merely replaced mint with basil).


Bacardi Limon (Regular Bottle or Handle)
Basil Leaves
Club Soda


In a rocks glass, drop in 1 quartered lime, a small handful of fresh basil leaves, and one large tablespoon of granulated sugar. We prefer to do the whole thing in a big punch bowl, in which case you multiply all the ingredients by 10.

With a muddler, or a wooden spoon, muddle (i.e. “smash”) the hell out of the ingredients. The sugar will help macerate the lime and get all the juice out, and result in a nice layer of thick greenish syrup on the bottom. For the glass, fill with with ice and proceed to pour in Bacardi Limon light rum until there is only a half inch left of room left. Mix using a shaker or a pint glass. Top off with a splash of club soda, stick in a straw and enjoy. The straw will stop the basil from getting stuck in your teeth. If using the big punch bowl, just pour in the whole handle of rum and add a 12oz bottle of club soda. Mix.

If you really want to impress , slice a cucumber into thin wheels and use as a garnish on the side of the glass. Make sure you fill your glass with ice before every refill.

Warning: This drink will make your guests VERY sociable, and you’ll truly be damned at just how much quasi-straight liquor you can actually drink. It’s really quite remarkable.

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Due to the fact that 3/5ths of the Brooklyn Skeptic team are away on vacation (from 6/7-6/13), and my being a lazy blogger, there may be a slight delay in postings.

Or, due to the fact that 3/5ths of the Brooklyn Skeptic are away on vacation, I might have more time to blog. It can really go either way.

But if anyone has an idea for a post, please tell me and I’ll try to write something about it. I am very uncreative.

FYI: In case you’re wondering, the Team flew away to a magical wonderland called Naples, Florida. I hear it can get pretty crazy out there, amidst all the early bird specials and bridge games.

I hope they don’t age 40 years while they’re away. Or get run over by a golf cart.

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Pinkberry is being sued by an idiot. Idiot alleges the product is not actual “yogurt,” but rather, “a powder-based product mixed with water or milk that is ‘sold in this adulterated state without notice to consumers of its ingredients.'” Oh, really? Because I thought if you simply freeze some Dannon yogurt, it turns into soft serve. Not. Obviously Pinkberry is not real “real” yogurt, since everyone knows yogurt, when placed in sub-zero degree temperature, turns into an ice cube-like product. Don’t act as though you’ve never experimented with placing sweet treats in the freezer.

Also, um, I don’t know if this man has ever tasted/or heard of a product that’s often referred to as “The Country’s Best Yogurt,” but I’m pretty sure that TCBY’s “Y”-ogurt is not actual yogurt either. Despite its presumptuous title. (It takes some pretty big balls [testicles] to claim to be #1 within a category you don’t even belong to. But I suppose that’s the only way to build a successful empire these days. Lies and big balls. Sorry.) At least Pinkberry’s taste resembles real yogurt.

Anyway, hater’s suit states that “Pinkberry is marketed as frozen yogurt ‘to deceive the public and to profit from that deception.'” Yeah. Boo. I feel so deceived by this mass marketing ploy. I can’t believe how deceived I felt after discovering that all this time I wasn’t eating soft-serve yogurt, but was in fact, eating soft-serve “yogurt.” Those deceitfully delightful fresh fruit and cereal toppings that I once felt so much joy towards, are now nothing but accomplices to a deceit that will definitely interfere with my chemically influenced diet. Pinkberry’s deceitful “powder based product mixed with water or milk” will surely affect my daily intake of saccharine based drinks and partially hydrogenated oiled snacks. I am so angry at you, Pinkberry. Angry for being so deliciously fat-free and refreshing. The fact that you make claims to be frozen yogurt, even though no frozen yogurt chain provides its customers with 100% yogurt, is so deceitful, I can’t even look at your adorably modern glass walls, and tiny Asian fixtures without feeling hurt. And deceived.

But all (deceit) jokes aside, this is ridiculous. Pinkberry tastes great, is light, and goes great with Capt ‘n Crunch cereal. It’s not as though it’s laced with some weird ingredient that causes cancer, it just isn’t associated with Yoplait. I say, if it isn’t heavy in calories, has more flavor than (Not)-Tasti D-Lite, and was developed by a Korean, it’s A-OK in my book. (Real) Yogurt enzymes or not.


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