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The Brooklyn wino has many choices when it comes to “scoring juice” in the Carroll Gardens area. But of course, we know not all wine shops are created equal. Frankly, the area spanning Court/Atlantic to Smith/9th street is littered with average wine shops (Scotto’s, Carroll Gardens Wine & Liquor, Vintage Cellars, The-Bullet-Proof-Window-Liquor-Store, etc.) that just provide your standard Yellowtail Shiraz meets “I’m Francis Coppola and I’m Buying This Vineyard” selection. These places are fine if you just need a bottle of Jameson and want to shoot the shit with the owner. But hey, let’s get real. This is Brooklyn and I expect a perhaps smallish but exotic and carefully picked assortment of well priced, worldly wines.

And this is what you get at Smith & Vine, the only store in this whole area that has truly sent me out the door murmuring a Cartman-like “sweeeet” with a happy jaunt in my step. You can tell the quality selection here by the lovingly labeled descriptions placed on each bottle coupled with the fact that there isn’t overwhelming amounts of dusty inventory stacked to the ceilings. Plus, the friendly staff always seems to be drinking and that can only be good, right?

S&V’s single best feature is the “10$ and under” table, which is the store’s centerpiece. One side is dedicated to reds and the other side white, with about ten bottles on each side. It’s tough to go wrong here, and I made it my beeswax for a whole year to try out as many as I could. For me, it sealed S&V’s spot as “most kick-ass wine shop in Carroll Gardens.”


Another advantage of S&V is their sister cheese shop “Stinky” located across the street. These shops are totally in sync, and everyone knows what’s up. This really makes things easy when you’re shopping for Wine & Cheese night. Stinky’s got some great stuff, and also sells crackers, quince paste, cured meats (Christ, they have “guanciale”) and duck confit. Those close to me know I believe ducks to be a superior species.

Smith and Vine
268 Smith Street
(718) 243-2864


  • The 10$ and under table is a Brooklyn landmark.
  • Wine selection is given a lot of care and well labeled
  • Great opening hours
  • Sister cheese store across the street
  • Excellent website


  • The staff’s a bit jaded, but it might be ‘cause they’re drunk all the time.

You Can’t Go Wrong With: Domaine De La Batardière (white) – a crisp , dry and flavorful Muscadet from the Loire Valley (France, genius), this is the ultimate summer wine and perfect for that romantic picnic in Prospect Park or just a booze-soaked Sunday.

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The owners of Red, White and Bubbly, Park Slope’s wine destination, are trying to meet all of my needs – not just by fueling my alcoholism, but by fueling my love of all things Brooklyn.


That’s right! We, as a borough, now have our very own wine company…in a manner of speaking, I suppose. If you want to be technical about it, the grapes are grown, fermented, mixed and bottled in California. But the guy who designed the label totally lives in Brooklyn! And the only place it is currently sold is in Brooklyn. So that’s close enough, right?

I tried the “Feliz Red” last night. I wasn’t crazy about it, but it might have been that it just doesn’t pair well with a black bean burger and garlic scrapes. Or it could be that I just wasn’t doing it right. The instructions say to “celebrate a day well lived” with it, but I was actually just watching The OC and painting my toe nails. The owners of Brooklyn Wine Co. & Red, White and Bubbly feel different, of course. They said to the Brooklyn Paper, “it’s not so much that we create a good wine, but that we create a fantastic wine. And if we’re going to put our names on a bottle of wine, we want it to knock your socks off.”

It’s true that my socks were off, but that was because of the pedicure…or was it?

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Seriously, they’re so cute.

And for when the video gets taken down for copyright infringement, here’s the general idea:

Jose Reyes is about to give Carlos Delgado a bear hug.

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Adding on to Recklesley’s wonderful Brooklyn Restaurant Week review, I’ve included a few more revelations from last night’s meal.

A la Brooklyn Skeptic Team:

4) No matter how fancy the restaurant, never shy away from taking real life experiences, and making them into dirty jokes.

Johnb: Our cable bill was $92.00 last month. We were charged for a porn we didn’t order. Then when I called the cable company, they didn’t believe me.  They told me they were going to have to investigate my box.

5) Never, never throw away extra wine.

Johnb: [Recklesley], do you want the rest of my wine?
Reck: Does it have alcohol?

6) When trying to relate to your French waitress, try to incorporate the “language of love” into conversation as much as possible.

French Waitress: How was everything?
Plainclothesman: C’est delicious.

Remaining Brooklyn Skeptic Team: Yayyyy!

This is a lie. Plainclothesman did not do this. However, the B.S. team informed him that he should, the next time he finds a French waitress attractive. But only if we can all be there to witness it.

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Last night, Brooklyn Skeptic hung up its dick jokes and aired out its potty mouth for an evening of fine dining courtesy of Brooklyn Restaurant Week. We chose to stuff our faces – elegantly – at Miriam, a “fusion Mediterranean” restaurant on 5th Avenue in Park Slope. Because it is Restaurant Week, we could actually afford to eat here on our proletarian salaries and thus we could escape from gruel for one precious night.

Some revelations:

1. Even in the dim lighting, with full glasses of wine and spicy scents swirling around us, the discussion veered towards why Derek Jeter won’t take his towel off in the locker room. It’s because of his vagina.

2. There is really only one way to describe Kofta kebab: by making dirty gestures to the waitress and repeating “is it balls?”

3. Despite essentially being a European, Plainclothesman has wine anxiety. He is a Cabana Boy connoisseur though.

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