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A young man named Eric (San Francisco resident and Brooklyn Skeptic friend), has set up a unique festival where all films are to be shot on “disposable film.” This means that you can use your camera phone, webcams, security cameras or disposable cameras from stores like Rite Aid or CVS. All that he asks is that your films be under ten minutes and creative. The submissions are due on December 15th of this year. For more information, go here. It’s an awesome opportunity to flex your creative muscle and compete without spending much money.

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As a psuedo-amateur photographerist, I rummage through quite a bit of other people’s work. One such photographer is Jay Parkinson. I’ve always looked with a tinge of envy at the shots he sets up, and always keep it in the back of my mind to learn from his growing work.

Well, he’s decided to not only beat me at photography but at life (impressive feat). Recently he has devised a new style of medical practice in the exotic borough of Williamsburg. He sits around with his 24-access to email and instant messenger, and is ready to advise you whenever. He’ll come to your house, business, local hipster cafe’, or under a dark overpass.

Dark Underpasses are A-OK

So…you give him about $500. Then you can text him “Hai mai hart hertz, ow!”, and he will respond in kind. Mostly through the fanciness of the internet, using pictures/webcams…which lets him charge this relatively lower price. It seems you get two house visits per year free after which there will be a complicated algorithm designed to see how far away you are (and thus how uncool you are) from Williamsburg. He has also claimed to have searched all up and down New York for prices on various procedures and medicine if you need to find the cheaper alternatives.
If you are part of teh uninsured but have a cell phone, computer, internet, digital camera, webcam, and such…sounds like a great idea. This is probably something to try out, and it supports innovation in medicine, goes against those money eatings insurance companies, and supports your creative MD’d brooklyners.

For better information than I can give (from a website that will end up giving you a headache), you can look for yourself: http://www.jayparkinsonmd.com/

In a WIRED interview, he claims “I’ll probably make some exceptions or accept artwork for my services,”. There’s hope at beating him at photography yet! Then getting a free “head turn & cough”.

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