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Regarding oneiroi’s recent post about Congress stepping aside and letting Bush quietly ream our democracy: MoveOn.org has created a petition that you can read and sign here. Go on record saying, “I’m outraged that Congress capitulated to President Bush and gave him more unchecked power to wiretap Americans without a warrant. I demand Congress act swiftly to reverse this reckless act.”

Because, seriously. Why the fuck did we elect democrats if this is what they’re doing with their time?

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When the Republicans lost their iron grip on all 3 branches of government, losing to the Democrats in both in the House and the Senate, many people sat around trying to figure out why. Was it the Iraq War? The fun & exciting sex scandals? The government’s role in warantless wiretapping, “torture”, and other dubious actions?

Congress took on the mission to prove themselves worthy of the seats they sat in, and started putting pressure against the war, promised to clean up the scandals, and started inquiring about some of those questionable activities. They put Gonzales on the stand and grilled him on the legality and constitutionality of things like the warrantless wiretapping. Congress expressed concern about how the Bush administration was administering a secretive program to wiretap people phones without oversight, as established by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

These concerns were not really about the existence of the wiretapping, which has always happened, just that they’re not being approved by the proper authorities. The fact that they’ve gone this far to avoid judicial oversight is troubling, because the process was a breeze anyways. The court is already held secret from the public, and there can even be surveillance without a warrant as long as its reported within 72 hours. There is no delay to worry about. Even
then, from the program’s inception in 1978 at least until 2005, there have been four rejections out of 20,806 approved warrant requests. That’s .019% of all requests that were outright rejected.

In response to this concern over the legality of the program, the Democrat controlled congress approved of Bush’s ability to conduct these wiretaps without even this small piece of oversight. And even goes so far as to make it easier to get information from telephone companies, who before had occasionally resisted!

So…good job Democrats!

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Pinkberry is being sued by an idiot. Idiot alleges the product is not actual “yogurt,” but rather, “a powder-based product mixed with water or milk that is ‘sold in this adulterated state without notice to consumers of its ingredients.'” Oh, really? Because I thought if you simply freeze some Dannon yogurt, it turns into soft serve. Not. Obviously Pinkberry is not real “real” yogurt, since everyone knows yogurt, when placed in sub-zero degree temperature, turns into an ice cube-like product. Don’t act as though you’ve never experimented with placing sweet treats in the freezer.

Also, um, I don’t know if this man has ever tasted/or heard of a product that’s often referred to as “The Country’s Best Yogurt,” but I’m pretty sure that TCBY’s “Y”-ogurt is not actual yogurt either. Despite its presumptuous title. (It takes some pretty big balls [testicles] to claim to be #1 within a category you don’t even belong to. But I suppose that’s the only way to build a successful empire these days. Lies and big balls. Sorry.) At least Pinkberry’s taste resembles real yogurt.

Anyway, hater’s suit states that “Pinkberry is marketed as frozen yogurt ‘to deceive the public and to profit from that deception.'” Yeah. Boo. I feel so deceived by this mass marketing ploy. I can’t believe how deceived I felt after discovering that all this time I wasn’t eating soft-serve yogurt, but was in fact, eating soft-serve “yogurt.” Those deceitfully delightful fresh fruit and cereal toppings that I once felt so much joy towards, are now nothing but accomplices to a deceit that will definitely interfere with my chemically influenced diet. Pinkberry’s deceitful “powder based product mixed with water or milk” will surely affect my daily intake of saccharine based drinks and partially hydrogenated oiled snacks. I am so angry at you, Pinkberry. Angry for being so deliciously fat-free and refreshing. The fact that you make claims to be frozen yogurt, even though no frozen yogurt chain provides its customers with 100% yogurt, is so deceitful, I can’t even look at your adorably modern glass walls, and tiny Asian fixtures without feeling hurt. And deceived.

But all (deceit) jokes aside, this is ridiculous. Pinkberry tastes great, is light, and goes great with Capt ‘n Crunch cereal. It’s not as though it’s laced with some weird ingredient that causes cancer, it just isn’t associated with Yoplait. I say, if it isn’t heavy in calories, has more flavor than (Not)-Tasti D-Lite, and was developed by a Korean, it’s A-OK in my book. (Real) Yogurt enzymes or not.


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I will admit my interest in politics, especially here on the blog, is not based on the need to know what’s going on in my government. Basically it’s just reveling in the soap-opera of it all.

And luckily Alberto Gonzales keeps on giving. The best part of his hearing on Thursday was his terse exchange with Senator Specter. These two guys are roughly on the same team, and so Gonazales thought this would be a great time to just let his annoying-ness shine. Read more for my in depth analysis of Gonzales in his finest hour:


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