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Friday July 11th – Dark Knight and Deerhoof

Yes, everyone in the world is going to see Dark Knight. But not everyone in the world is going in Brooklyn. Check out Cobble Hill Cinemas which is still selling tickets for Friday. There’ll be plenty of time to see an IMAX version of this once all the hooplah dies down. Bonus points for mocking people who are seeing Mamma Mia! (but leave my mom alone – she just doesn’t know any better).

If you don’t feel like seeing a movie on Friday, head to Prospect Park and check out Deerhoof (or maybe you can manage both). The show starts at 7:30pm and is free (with $3 suggested donation).

Saturday July 12th – Sirens

Yes, it’s going to be a shitshow, but it might be the last shitshow (although that’s what they said last year). Broken Social Scene, The Helio Sequence, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Islands and many others are playing on various stages, and apparently there’s going to be an after party at Music Hall of Williamsburg where Apes & Androids and A Place to Bury Strangers will perform. Bring deodorant.

Sunday July 13th – The Liars , Fuck Buttons and Team Robespierre

Okay, here’s my dare. Go to Sirens, then go to this, but don’t shower in between. I dare you. Maybe roll in some mud too. This should be a fun show. The Liars are great, you can check out the wonderfully named (and Brooklyn-based) Team Robespierre.

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New York Magazine released its Best of New York 2008 guide, which includes great restaurants, bars and other things in the New York area. A lot of their winners just so happen to be some of Brooklyn Skeptic’s favorites. Are they trying to tell us something? Between Commonwealth (and they’re certainly right about the jukebox), Union Hall’s Tearing the Veil of Maya, Pacific Standard and Cobble Hill Cinemas, we think that New York Magazine might just be stalking us. One thing that is obvious is that their staff seems to really like Brooklyn. Their picks are specific to neighborhoods, so check them out and see what you think.

And New York Magazine, you don’t have to come on so strong. We’re all really easy.


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