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Not so long ago, Prospect Heights was blessed with a new addition to the happy family on Classon Avenue between Park and Prospect. It is called Chavella’s and it is Mexican and we all love it.

A first glance at the menu will tell you that it’s CHEAP. Seriously cheap. And a first taste of the food will tell you that it’s DELICIOUS. Very seriously delicious.

417478001_8b939e9aa6.jpgThe lunch/dinner menu features hugely generous platos like rotisserie chicken or chicken mole (rich and delicious with all that cocoa sauce) with mounds of rice and beans. My favorite, though, is mixing and matching the various tiny special treats they have for $2.50 – like tacos in soft corn tortillas (roasted vegetables with guacamole, chorizo and potatoes with cabbage, black bean with avacado are my go-to’s). The sweet creamy rice pudding is the perfect end to any Chavella’s meal. And so so so much better than any other rice pudding. Ever. (Sorry grandma.)

Check the specials board because if you see the sizzling camarones (shrimpies) up there then get it. It is ridiculously flavorful and fresh and exciting. It comes with whole jalepeno pieces that beg to be eaten with abandon, scooped up with the juices and rice and veggies and shrimps. My only warning, be a little careful. The seeds stay in and lend a LOT of heat. Balance your bites so you can live to enjoy the whole dish.

Recently they’ve added a Sunday brunch with menu items like eggs benedict on mexican toast with guacamole and jalapeno hollandaise. Yes! Their namesake omelette comes with bacon, avacado, queso oaxaca and the good lord only knows what else… the best part is the chorizo hash that comes on the side of that one. Brunches at Chavella’s start off with a complimentary bowl of Mexican sweet breads – they not only get you started on your way to hangover recovery that much more quickly, but for me they provide the security that I will always be able to balance my sweet with my savory! I’m not forced to order a sweet baked breakfast just to sate my sweet-tooth – I can have my sweet breads and eat my eggs too, as it were. Not that I would deter anyone from ordering the sweet breakfasts here. French toast dipped in tres leches (that’s 3 milks for you anglos) will stare tantilizingly at you off the page.

So, in case you guys are having trouble picking up on my subtlety, I am wholeheartedly endorsing Chavella’s for your casual dining, affordable priced, outrageously fresh and delicious Mexican food needs.

732 Classon Avenue
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

NOTE: No alcohol on the menu so feel free to byob. And they deliver.

Photo from 52 Projects‘ photostream.

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