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Hey Team,

So there are more summer movies. If you’ve been following, we’ve already got:

And now they’re releasing the schedule to the relocated Summer Screen series. It’s been moved from McCarren Pool to the McCarren Ballfields. They’re playing six films: Reality Bites, Evil Dead 2, 24 Hour Party People, Wild at Heart, Fame and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. See the schedule here. If you play your cards right, you can see a movie outside every day this summer and never spend any money.

Im being postmodern, before its fashionable.

I'm being postmodern, before it's fashionable.


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Jesus Christ, Park Slope! Where have you been hiding? Every person in Brooklyn attended last night’s opening show of the Celebrate Brooklyn series.  Apparently everyone digs David Byrne. The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, waistoids, dweebies, dickheads – they all adore him. They think he’s a righteous dude.

Brooklyn Skeptic had a few representatives there, although we didn’t want to pay the $3 recommended donation or wait in the ridiculous line. So instead, we sat outside the designated rocking area and drank Coors Light tallboys. Because we’re classy. It was all fun and games until he started playing Once In A Lifetime, at which point everyone pushed forward and Brooklyn Skeptic got trampled to death.

Note: In the below picture, recklesley managed to capture the crowd, as well as that cute redhead that was sitting in front of us. Well done reckles.

How Did We All Get Here?

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The Celebrate Brooklyn festival in Prospect Park has officially announced their lineup for this summer. There are some really awesome sounding shows, most exciting of which is TV On The Radio, in August. Also exciting are Blonde Redhead, Femi Kuti, Deer Tick, Big Daddy Kane and a Purple Rain screening and sing-along. Opening night is June 8th when David Byrne will be performing the music he made with Brian Eno.

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Okay, so we haven’t been posting much recently. It’s true you guys. But we have our reasons. Recklesley is butt deep in schoolwork, Pizappas moved to Poughkeepsie, Oneiroi died in a tragic badminton accident, Johnbaptiseme joined a cult and now only communicates through whistles, Bearclaws killed Oneiroi with a shuttlecock and is doing two consecutive life sentences, etc. You know, there’s shit going on.

But it’s summer again, and it’s time to put all of this behind us. Why? Because it’s sunny outside. And it’s almost May. And some fun, free outdoor events are already being planned in the Brooklyn area. Like, for example, the Celebrate Brooklyn concert series which takes place each summer in Prospect Park. This year, the line-up features David Byrne, MGMT (somehow already sold out), They Might Be Giants, Animal Collective, Jackson Browne, Dr. Dog, and more. So…that’s pretty awesome.

And speaking of awesome, the Brooklyn Bridge Park series has already listed their line-up too! For their tenth anniversary, they are going to be screening a great bunch of movies outside in DUMBO, including Raising Arizona, Paper Moon and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

So there’s some fun things to get excited about. Moving on we’re going to try and update the blog more often with fun events, bar and restaurant reviews and every little thing that pops into our heads. In the meantime, enjoy the nice weather and if you need to play badminton, for G-d’s sake, wear a helmet.

Last Picture Taken of Oneiroi

Last Picture Taken of Oneiroi

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Friday July 11th – Dark Knight and Deerhoof

Yes, everyone in the world is going to see Dark Knight. But not everyone in the world is going in Brooklyn. Check out Cobble Hill Cinemas which is still selling tickets for Friday. There’ll be plenty of time to see an IMAX version of this once all the hooplah dies down. Bonus points for mocking people who are seeing Mamma Mia! (but leave my mom alone – she just doesn’t know any better).

If you don’t feel like seeing a movie on Friday, head to Prospect Park and check out Deerhoof (or maybe you can manage both). The show starts at 7:30pm and is free (with $3 suggested donation).

Saturday July 12th – Sirens

Yes, it’s going to be a shitshow, but it might be the last shitshow (although that’s what they said last year). Broken Social Scene, The Helio Sequence, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Islands and many others are playing on various stages, and apparently there’s going to be an after party at Music Hall of Williamsburg where Apes & Androids and A Place to Bury Strangers will perform. Bring deodorant.

Sunday July 13th – The Liars , Fuck Buttons and Team Robespierre

Okay, here’s my dare. Go to Sirens, then go to this, but don’t shower in between. I dare you. Maybe roll in some mud too. This should be a fun show. The Liars are great, you can check out the wonderfully named (and Brooklyn-based) Team Robespierre.

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As much as I like to get out of Brooklyn every once in a while, I always feel like I’m missing something when I do. This weekend will be no exception. While I’m sure I will be having a good time in Rhode Island, there’s going to be a ton of stuff to do in Brooklyn while I’m gone. Here’s a fun activity for every day this weekend, starting early with tomorrow night (because who really gives a shit about feeling good on Friday?).

Thursday July 10th – Stand By Me

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Film Series starts tomorrow! While a few of us skeptics visited Williamsburg last night for a giant pool filled with sweaty, tall boy-drinking, Wet Hot-loving hipsters, you can class it up and bring a picnic and a bottle of wine to the outdoor screening of Stand By Me. Don’t forget to talk about how fat Jerry O’Connell used to be!

Friday July 11th – Brazilian Girls

On Friday night you should head up to Prospect Park to hear a free Brazilian Girls show (playing with Chicha Libre and Ticklah). These shows are always fun, and it may be your only chance ever to sing the lyrics “pussy pussy pussy marijuana” with a bunch of Park Slope parents.

Saturday July 12th – Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

This starts at four and goes into the evening at Empire Fulton-Ferry State Park. The festival features a bunch of performances including one from KRS One!

Sunday July 13th – Bastille Day Celebration and The Breeders and Matt & Kim

Although Bastille Day is technically on Monday, Bar Tabac on Smith Street is holding a celebration from noon to 10pm that will include great Petanque players (bocce to some) and all sorts of food and cocktails. There will also be some music provided by Baby Blue Orchids and The Francis Wiss Ensemble.

And once you get tired of that, head to McCarren Park for a free pool party headlined by the Breeders (also playing: Matt & Kim and The Whip). I can’t tell you how jealous I am.

Anyway, there you go. Have a fun weekend. But not too much fun. Seriously.

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This Friday, Celebrate Brooklyn will warmly welcome hipster band Cold War Kids. The show will take place in the Prospect Park Bandshell, is free, and will begin at 7:00 PM.

The only reason I know about Cold War Kids is because I once had a subscription to Rolling Stone Magazine and I believe they once called them the best band or the hottest band, or some other kind of superlative relating to their inevitable rise to fame and awesomeness in the coming year. That was a few years ago.

Nevertheless, the reason I am going to go see them is because their name reminds me of a Billy Joel lyric from the song Leningrad:

And cold war kids were hard to kill
Under their desk in an air raid drill
Haven’t they heard we won the war
What do they keep on fighting for?

It’s really quite a lovely song. And thus I believe Cold War Kids will be a lovely band, who obviously need our support given the likelihood of their having recurring thermonuclear war nightmares.

Some other important information: According to the band’s Wikipedia page, “Cold War Kids are keen backers of organic farming.”

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