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Last Saturday I joined a club dominated by bikers, sorority girls, and rockabilly-ers… rockabillists… whatever. What was this club, you ask? Bingo addicts anonymous? The we love tight jeans club? No, it was the we have tattoos club!

After confirming that cabbage is indeed my spirit vegetable, I decided to go “all the way” with it and have its likeness permanently etched into my shoulder. Excellent.

I Googled “food tattoos” to see what the genre had to offer. A very lovely picture of a parsnip tattoo led me to Dave Wallin, a fantastic artist at Williamsburg’s Tattoo Culture.

food tat

From the initial email he was super friendly and helpful and we arranged a time to meet. He seemed very professional, the tattoo parlor seemed very clean, I was sold. I emailed him some hot pixxx of cabbage I’d taken to use as a reference and thanks to my $50 deposit he started in on a sketch right away.

The next time I saw him I came in to check out the sketch, which was on tracing paper that he laid on my shoulder so we could get an idea of what it would look like. But it was only the outline! I’d envisioned layers and layers of subtle details… how could I trust this guy I didn’t know to make permanent marks on my body when he couldn’t even get them down on paper?

As I was freaking out at him, Dave did an excellent job of listening to my concerns and responding as though I was a normal person rather than a completely wussy loser. He explained that he’d be shading it with lots of tiny lines, similar to what you see on a dollar bill, and that the pencil wasn’t fine enough to replicate this on the tracing paper. It would end up looking smudgy-shaded, which is not what he was going to do.

And he totally knew the magic words to make me shut up and trust him. When I was stressing about the size or that it would be too realistic or not dark enough he said – well, we want to keep it from looking like a celtic knot-tribal explosion.



And he was right, that was exactly the explosion I feared most.

That day we set the appointment for the real thing, and last Saturday, after a hearty breakfast, I went over there for my appointment!

The tattoo itself was 3 hours of what felt like getting stung by a bee over and over and over again. Not the kind of pain that has you cursing the day you were born or crying out in agony, but the kind that’s like, damn, is this over yet?


In progress…

Along the way Dave was engaging and pleasant as he and mooseknuckle and I planned out what my next tattoos will be… a space scene on my other shoulder, Gandalf on my stomach holding up my breasts like orbs, et cetera. That shit will be awesome.

So, if you are considering joining “the club” (the tatto club, not the car theft deterrence device) Dave Wallin at Tatto Culture gets Brooklyn Skeptic’s full and unwavering endorsement.


Cabbage in the hizouse.

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As Recklesley and the rest of humanity celebrates the transition of Daniel Radcliffe (and his alter ego Harry Potter) from boyhood to stud muffin, a select group of honest and brave academics are taking up the story that the mainstream media chooses not to cover, and JK Rowling’s naive readers do not wish to hear. Much like the brave Xenophilius Lovegood, Tison Pugh and David L. Wallace are breaking the story which may well save our lives in their article, “Heteronormative Heroism and Queering the School Story in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Series.” Although Pugh and Wallace find many admirable things to say about the Harry Potter series, such as the post-feminist landscape the book conjures for young children, they also worry about Harry’s tendency to fall back on heteronormative ideals of heroism. In case you didn’t attend a crazy liberal undergraduate institution, this basically means every time Harry wants to be strong and ditch Hermione and Ron to pursue Voldemort, he is breaking with the thematic structure of the book that celebrates difference and aberration to return to his caveman roots. This has severe implications:

“The danger of heteronormative heroism in the Harry Potter books is that it potentially reinscribes the problematic heterosexual/homosexual binary that critics such as Michel Foucault, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, and Jonathan Ned Katz identify as both policing desires and the identities constructed around those desires. This binary serves not only to stigmatize homosexuality and other expressions of sexual queerness; it also contributes to a concept of masculinity that marginalizes women and narrows the range of socially acceptable behaviors for men in ways that work to the detriment of all humanity.”

For those still in the dark about what this actually means, and what tangible impact it can have on your life, Eve Sedgwick makes the argument simpler, “Finally, this attempt to write a pure space where sexual deviancy does not exist will always result in a universal omnicide.”

Your scar going to get us out of this, Harry?


Speaking of jerks, the free market isn’t helping things either.

The elevation of the family to ideological preeminence guarantees that a capitalist society will reproduce not just children, but heterosexism and homophobia.”

– John D’Emilio

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My gayness was piqued this week with all the Rufus Wainwright talk and that crazy article in NY Magazine about genetic gaydar and third-sex and all that crap. Sadly, I was out of town during Brooklyn Pride and was not able to get my gay on with my borough brothers and sisters. But no need to worry! This weekend is NYC Pride, which is like the biggest, gayest weekend ever!

Despite my being unpleasantly hetero, I’ve always enjoyed Pride. One year, I got a coupon for a free Chipotle burrito that was thrown from a passing float during the parade. And Harvey Fierstein and the Queer Eyes were there! It was amazing.

So anyway, I’m sure I’ll see you all at XXL NYC, a “rowdy bear party.” Hot!


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Sometimes in the course of my work, it is necessary for me to perform searches such as “veggie fun facts” or “cabbage trivia.” Here is a sampling of what Google found for me today:

“In addition, store the urine of anyone who habitually eats cabbage; warm it, bathe the patient in it. With this treatment you will soon restore health; it has been tested…Those who cannot see clearly should bathe their eyes in this urine and they will see more.”
Cato, ‘On Farming’ (234-149 B.C.) translated by Andrew Dalby.

“If kale had a degree, it’d be from Yale.”

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