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Review: Superfine

When I first got to Superfine (126 Front St. in DUMBO), the friends I was meeting weren’t there yet. Peeking through the glass doors I saw a place that looked like how Cosi’s original designers probably wished for it to look – exposed brick, sprawling couches, multi-leveled seating, interesting hanging lamps, attractive well-dressed clientele. Since there were no mini-smores ovens to make me feel at home, I opted to wait across the street in the bookstore.

When my friends got there, we got a table right near the swank orange-felted pool table, overlooking the swank sunken bar.

Wordlessly, a waitress came over and propped up a big menu board next to our table. On the recommendation of one of my dining-mates, I got the pork chops with carmelized onion mashed potatoes and grilled zucchini. My friends got spaghettini, pizza, and pizza, respectively. Prices were in the 12-18 range for most entrees and sizable appetizers.

When it came time to order drinks, I wasn’t super impressed. The only mildly interesting beer selections they had (unless you are especially into Bass, Harp, Guiness, Yuengling, etc.) were Circus Boy and Coney Island Lager. The Lager was good and cold and crisp, though, and no offense to anyone, but more delicious than Brooklyn Lager. This seems like the kind of place that might have a good mixed drink specialty, but after a hard day of blogging I wanted a brewskie and didn’t ask… but if you find out about one, let me know!

Anyway, though I was enjoying my lovely company, the food took forever to come. And it wasn’t until we were sitting there for like 40 minutes that someone was like, can we get some bread? Because apparently they give that stuff complimentarily. To be fair, we had an off-duty waitress sitting with us so maybe our server was confused about what was and wasn’t going to happen at our table… but the bread was crusty and tasted like it was from a good bakery, and the greenish olive oil that accompanied it was ripely excellent.

So, into my second beer the dinner arrives. I like pork chops, and whenever I go to al di la I never get them, even though my boyfriend does and they taste like heaven and I always want them. So I thought I’d preempt that issue by getting them here.

The first bite was that little medallion just inside the curve of the bone (sorry if I’m making any veggies out there nauseous, but precision is important!) and it was tender and delicious. The rest of the chop was, unfortunately, a bit tougher. The outside was grilled and charred nicely, but the pressure I had to exert on the serrated knife they’d given me meant that the meat was way too tough, the knife too dull, or both. The mashed potatoes tasted good. But not spectacular. The onions had gotten held up somewhere along their way to carmelized, and were lending a respectable initial flavor, but unfortunately not the full sweet, nutty goodness I knew they could offer. The zucchini was pretty good, as it is a delicious vegetable, though the heat could have been higher to increase the char-to-firmzucchiniflesh-factor.

I know that on the whole this sounds negative, but it was a very pleasant night with a great atmosphere and people raving about their dishes… since it’s that sickly change-of-season time I didn’t try anything else, but word of mouth has it that the pizzas and burgers are excellent. This is a good place to relax the evening away – the staff never rushed us and were generous on the drinks.

I’d give it another go, because a nighttime walk through DUMBO’s cobblestone streets, overlooking the water, can be a great dessert to even a less-than-stellar meal.

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Gridskipper came up with a guide to drunk-making stuff made in Brooklyn and Manhattan! Way to go! Perhaps a reprise of the Brooklyn Skeptic Brooklyn Beer tasting is in order?

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The Gowanus Lounge told me that Brooklyn Brewery might move into Smith & 5th!

I once made the trek out to the industrial boneyard that is W-burg to celebrate a fellow blogger’s b-day at the Brewery, and it was great. The only bad part was getting there. And getting back.

Yay beer gardens! I’m thirsty.

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Hi Everyone. Would you like to hear my detailed account of last Friday’s Brooklyn Beer tasting? Yeah? Good.

I’m not sure what you could gather from the “Cold Beer, Heated Discussion” entry, but if you’re at all literate, I’m sure you picked up on the fact that I, Johnbaptisedme, was not in top form the evening of the Brooklyn Beer tasting. I blame it on the two shots of Svedka (vodka) I took right before attending the drinking social. The two shots of Svedka I took by myself. In my apartment. About 3 minutes after waking up from a nap. It’s fine, I mean, “liquor before beer, you’re in the clear,” right? Right. No wait, wrong. So very wrong. I don’t know if you knew this already, but naps are incredibly dangerous. They can really impair a person’s judgment, causing he or she to do crazy things, crazy things like drink hard liquor by themselves and watch 1.2 episodes of “Everybody Loves Raymond” before realizing “Everybody Loves Raymond” is their most hated tv show. In any case, shortly after the party shots that I took with no one else, I strolled on over to Recklesley’s apartment. By the time I got there, R’ley was putting together some vegetarian oinkers in a quilt (that’s a silly way of saying pigs in a blanket–get it?), and we talked a short while about how she made them: cut hot dogs into 1/3’s and wrap each portion with a Pillsbury crescent roll. It’s pretty easy, especially if you’ve ever lived on earth. But I must say, unless you’re actually vegetarian, I suggest using actual meat when making p.i.a.b. Or not. Do whatever you want. I couldn’t care less.

Moving forward, while the tofu pups were baking we decided to watch a movie. A little movie called, “Mulan.” Great, great movie. Then we took some lovely pictures. It was fun.

Shortly after our “Mulan” screening, the Brooklyn Beer tasting began. Here are my actual thoughts on the biers:

Brooklyn Lager– I very much enjoy B. Lager. It’s bitter, yes. But so am I. So, we’re a very good match.

East India Pale Ale– “Tastes like Colonialism.” This was a statement made by a fellow taster that evening. I agree with whoever he or she was. I remember this beer being “perfumey and divine,” with just a hint of Judy Davis (“Passage to India” reference– it’s an obscure one, yes. But if you got it, we should be best friends).

Pennant Ale– This is good. Drink lots of it.

Pilsner– I believe this was the beer that turned me off (both physically and mentally) for the rest of the evening. “Not a fan,” is all I wrote for my notes. And you know what? I’m not a fan. Even through my vodka-beer goggles I was able to recognize this beer for what it really is. A not great beer.

Brown Ale– Yum. This is the good stuff. I don’t remember how I felt about it the evening of the BB tasting, but I’ve had it before. It’s brown, and ale-y. Drink it.

Black Chocolate Stout– Again, I don’t remember much about this beer, just that at this point in the evening, I could only handle a shot’s worth of it. I had to reduce my beer intake (from a small glass to a shot glass) shortly after the tasting began. I am very hardcore. Beer shots. But anyway, with something like 10.whatever% of alc, this is the drink of choice for anyone who wants to get “wasted” and likes chocolate. And, I think that might be most people.

Monster Ale– This tasting is long-lost somewhere in my memory. I, at this point, was probably trying to analyze the gender politics represented in “Mulan,” and sitting by myself in a corner. But I trust it’s good.

So, there you have it. My Brooklyn Beer opinions. Do what you will with it.


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