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VMAs = Yawn.

The MTV Video Music Awards were last night. I pretty much grew out of this particular awards show about six years ago, but I still watch them. Out of respect. For my youth. But as usual they weren’t anything spectacular. Britney performed her new single, though. Which was pretty exciting. Although her performance was overall a disappointment. Rumors were swirling that Criss “Mindfreak ” Angel and the Brit were going to join forces for this particular performance. But apparently that’s just what they were…rumors. Dirty, dirty, get your hopes up rumors. If you don’t know who Criss Angel is, here’s a video of the time he was able to make some lady’s torso run away from her legs.

The show overall was pretty uneventful. I’m tired today, so I’m not going to write up a full review. As if I do that, ever. But what I will do is leave with you this photo of MTV News correspondent John Norris.

You can’t really tell how insane he looks here, as this photo was clearly taken from someone’s phone, but trust me, he looks weird and creepy. It’s one thing to make that decision to transform your wardrobe and brush off any preconceived thoughts people might have about you and totally revamp your persona. It’s not like I’ve never done that before (hey, I didn’t always wear glasses). But to take your look and morph it from something relatively plain into an image that could be compared to new Jared Leto is not a change I would recommend. At least not without expecting ridicule from normal human beings. Especially when you’re over 40 years old and appear daily on MTV where the public eye can witness your mid-life crisis. I’m just saying, baby steps.

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