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There’s a lot of talk these days (particularly this day) about environmental awareness, specifically about global warming and fuel crises and whatnot. This is not unlike my grade school days, but our big issues were rain forests and endangered species. Drowning in water-bourne pathogens from the floods that will destroy my borough are scarier than pandas, so in a lot of ways, I’m glad these issues are coming up now.

So, in the spirit of celebrating both environmental soundness and my fondness for burritos, I introduce Habana Outpost, “the first solar-powered restaurant and market place in New York!” The restaurant, located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, is largely an outdoor patio, festooned with solar panels and picnic tables. In this magically sustainable courtyard space, you’ll find the kitchen/truck in which the food is prepared, a mural depicting energy transfer from the sun to the restaurant (and the surrounding power grid) and happy patrons eating Latin-inspired food and drinking $2.50 beers.

When I visited two Fridays ago, I went with the Veggie Burrito, which quite literally was filled with rice, beans, queso fresco, lettuce, salsa and cactus. Yes, cactus. It was alarmingly similar to sauteed aloe. So, while it was delicious, it was a really, really weird texture. I washed that down with a $2.50 Six Points. The dark one. It was great. And all of those things were consumed on and with biodegradable cornstarch utensils, plates and cups.

Habana Outpost is a truly delightful dining experience, combined with innovative environmentalism. It shows Brooklyn that we can party like we do while being environmentally responsible. Be sure to look into the people-powered smoothie maker and open marketplace on the weekends during the day. Maybe also check out Habana Cafe and Habana To Go in the City.

Habana Outpost
757 Fulton Street
Ft. Greene, Brooklyn

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Would you pay $15 to see a 4-film Lindsay Lohan “mid-career retrospective”? I definitely would.

Would you pay $15 to see 5 bands? (Antibalas, The Exit, Be Your Own Pet, Dirty on Purpose and the Heartless Bstards) … I definitely would.

How about $15 for both, plus DJs spinning all night, $3 beers and tons of other amazing crap going on following the last Sufjan Stevens performance at BAM on November 3rd…the only answer is YES, motherfucker. YES.


for real.

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Last Thursday some Brooklyn Skeptic members tried out a bar called The Cherry Tree, located on 4th Avenue and Bergen Street. When first recommended we try this place out, my first thought was, “I like that name. The Cherry Tree.” Then my second thought was, “I’ve never been to a bar on 4th Ave.” Then my third thought was, “will the trek be worth it? It’s pretty humid out.” The answer to this question is yes, it is so very worth it.

The Cherry Tree has some great offerings, including a nice collection of draught beers ($5-$6). And although they turned the tap off of my first two choices at a fairly early hour (Blue Point and another good beer that I can’t remember), they still had a nice variety to choose from. (I went with the Brooklyn Oktoberfest. Delish.) But more importantly, drinks here are served in nice, big mugs. I thought the mugs looked bigger than regular pint glasses, but plainclothesman argued they’re just shaped differently. Either way, these drinking devices will 1) get you drunk, and 2) are comparable to the glasses used by the residents of Middle Earth, bringing us all that much closer to Tolkien.

But the rustic influence does not end there. The Cherry Tree’s back patio has Medieval Times written all over it. And honestly, who doesn’t love that? Nice long wooden tables are provided, along with lit candles creating a lovely, almost poetic, feel. In addition to this are two stone pits, which may or may not be used for TCT’s monthly pig roasting…that’s just a (hopeful) theory of mine. And right in the middle of the backyard is the biggest chess board these mortal eyes of mine have ever seen. Had I felt as ambitious as Ron Weasly in The Sorcerer’s Stone, I might have tried my hand at the game. I don’t care if it’s just there for show, someone, somewhere, will play that chess board and I will be there to witness it in all its oversized glory, as I take sips from my oversized mug, with my oversized head.

All in all, I have no ill words to say about The (Cherie Johnson) Tree, only that perhaps their outdoor patio could stay open a little later…the BK Skeps were kicked out at midnight. But I suppose it was for the best, since we all had our day jobs to go to the next day. (Boo.) (Tear.)

PS. I just realized Cherie Johnson used her bio name for her “Punky Brewster” character, Cherie Johnson. Hot.

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