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After a brief hiatus for a Florida vacation, here’s what’s coming out in Brooklyn and Manhattan this weekend.

Sex and the City

The Plot: Four women have a lot of sex in an urban area.

Is it worth eleven dollars?: If you’re me, no. If you’re you, maybe. You pretty much know if you want to see this movie or not. If the thought of watching these four women for almost two and a half hours (I’m not joking, the movie clocks in at 145 minutes) makes you want to cover yourself in Chanel Number 5, light yourself on fire and then ask someone to put it out by beating you with a Manolo Blahnik, then you should probably avoid the multiplexes this weekend.

Where is it playing in Brooklyn/New York?: Pavilion, BAM, Cobble Hill Cinemas, United Artists on Court Street.

The Strangers

The Plot: Creepy masked people haunt Liv Tyler demanding refunds for Jersey Girl.

Is it worth eleven dollars?: Yes. This will be my alternative to Sex and the City. Early buzz is pretty mixed, but some great critics have chimed in saying that it is an above average thriller in the tradition of Straw Dogs and the incredible French horror film Them.

Where is it playing in Brooklyn/New York?: Park Slope Pavilion, United Artists on Court Street.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster

The Plot: Documentary about steroids and why America is obsessed with strength.

Is it worth eleven dollars?: Yes. So far this has gotten fantastic reviews. This is director Chris Bell’s first documentary (or feature length film). Like Morgan Spurlock, Bell apparently uses his own family as a case study for the film, but also manages to interview people like Ben Johnson.

Where is it playing in Brooklyn/New York?: Landmark Sunshine.

The Foot Fist Way

The Plot: A Tae Kwon Do teacher at a strip mall has a nervous breakdown.

Is it worth eleven dollars?: Maybe, although this might be more of a rental. It’s barely being released in theaters because I think distributors probably think it will gain more of a following on video. All the same, it looks pretty amusing. Danny McBride got his start in David Gordon Green’s drama All The Real Girls, but since seems to enjoy starring in more comedies. This summer he can be seen in this, Tropic Thunder and Pineapple Express.

Where is it playing in Brooklyn/New York?: CC Village East Cinemas on Second Avenue.

Savage Grace

The Plot: Something about a crazy lady who sleeps with her son. Or something.

Is it worth eleven dollars?: Yeah, I know next to nothing about this movie, except that it’s causing some controversy because of its depiction of an incestuous relationship between a mother and son. But Julianne Moore is in it. I just looked up the director, Tom Kalin, and his last movie was the awesomely titled Robots of Sodom. So this looks like a good bet.

Where is it playing in Brooklyn/New York?: IFC Center.


The Plot: A woman hits a homeless guy with her car, and has to decide whether to save him or let him die.

Is it worth eleven dollars?: Yes. The film was directed by Stuart Gordon, the man who was responsible for the incredible Re-Animator back in the eighties and most recently directed the David Mamet-penned Edmond. His films are always quite sick and dark, but usually laugh out loud funny. The reviews thus far state that this movie is no exception.

Where is it playing in Brooklyn/New York?: The Angelika.

The midnight movie at the Landmark Sunshine is To Catch a Thief. The IFC Center lists its Midnight Movie as being Battlestar Galactica (many Brooklyn Skeptic hearts just went all a flutter). I’m assuming they mean the mini-series two hour opener, but it doesn’t say.


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Unless it actually is!

The final season of Battlestar is nigh approaching. And you just know that earth is teeming with cylons. Which means we’re probably cylons. Oh my shit. It’s so clear that I have no grasp on reality and I over-identify with political dramas that take place on a spaceship.

99% of you have no idea what I’m talking about.

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