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One of my favorite things that I did last year was this:

Participate in the Partnership for the Homeless‘ Voter Registration Campaign. After a quick training, I went out to a Homeless Shelter and led a little workshop for the residents on their right to vote (even when homeless) and a bit about the significance of them voting.

I registered people to vote! It was great.

And then at the end of the training, as I was leaving, all the ladies of the shelter were like, it’s time for ANTM!!! Oh my god!!! So I sat down and watched with them. And that was the Best Part of All.

Want to do it? The trainings are:

Monday, December 3rd 6-8:30 PM

Wednesday, December 5th 2:30-5 PM

Thursday, December 6th 2:30-5 PM

You only need to go to one training, and then they will work with you to find a night (or more) when your schedule allows you to go to a shelter and lead the workshop. They’ll pair you up with another trained volunteer and you guys can co-lead together.

If you have been sort of in the back of your mind thinking about volunteering for something worthwhile, I highly recommend this. You get training, get to meet people you never would before, have interesting conversations with people living in a shelter that it would be hard to have without a specific context/reason like this, and then it’s over! You’re not signing on for an indefinite amount of weekly or monthly volunteer nights, it’s just one 2.5 hour training and 1+ evenings out, scheduled at your convenience!

To find out more information or to sign up for one of the trainings, contact Elana Shneyer, Community Organizer, at (212) 645-3444 x 107 or eshneyer@pfth.org.

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