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Dram Shop Bar

Ah. A new bar in Park Slope. And right on 9th Street no less. The Dram Shop Bar has been on the tip of Park Slopers (Park Slopees?) tongues for the past couple of weeks before opening last Saturday. Last night, fellow tipple connoisseur (read: drunk) boomstick and I walked the long block down to whet our proverbial whistles.

We walked in and were greeted by that New Bar Smell: a subtle combination of disinfectants and lacquer. The bar itself is huge, and in addition to the many tables set up, there is also a downstairs area that appears to be still under construction. Taking a seat at the bar, we noticed several things. First of all, there’s plenty of entertainment. There were flat screen TV’s (which eventually played basketball), a pool table, shuffleboard and board games. We met Jules, a young friendly bartender who served us beers along with free shots of Jameson whiskey. So far, so good. We spoke with her and the other bartenders who were chatty and seemed excited to be working in a new spot.

We then proceeded to the pool table, which was a dollar a game. The table is brand new, but bar sized (which I guess is appropriate given its location) with a good set of cues and a lot of space so that it doesn’t get too cramped. There’s an outdoor space as well, which I’m sure will be quite crowded come Spring. Once we had lost at pool, we decided to test out their board games. After playing exciting games of Yahtzee! and Battleship, boomstick decided to play Chutes & Ladders (which was strangely frustrating).

The night went on and we continued to drink. They played a collection of music that we listened to in high school, which consisted of everything from Cake to Echo and the Bunnymen. I met co-owner Clay who talked about setting up a website for the bar, having beer tastings with micro-breweries and how his fiance is the chef (their kitchen is open until midnight). The fries were tasty.

Everyone that was playing pool was talking about the bar. We played several people from Carroll Gardens and around Park Slope. We all agreed that the bar was quite nice, but was still lacking something. A certain je ne sais quoi. Brooklyners take their bars very seriously, and I feel like each bar has to earn their spot among the best. So far, Dram Shop Bar is well on its way.

Pros: Entertaining, friendly and talkative service, good food, nice pool table, spacious, happy hours, well lit.

Cons: Moderately priced drinks, the je ne sais quoi thing.

Dram Shop Bar
339 9th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue
Park Slope, Brooklyn

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