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You all know that I love participatory democracy more than my own family. But I want them and you, too, to make sure you are registered to vote on Super Tuesday, wherein New York gets to vote for its candidate of choice. Generally, the winners on Super Tuesdays get their parties’ nomination for president.

Now, I don’t care who you vote for, only that you actually, physically vote for someone. To make sure this happens, I would like each of you to go make sure you’re registered to vote because the deadline to register is tomorrow, Friday, January 11.

VotePoke.com is a handy tool to both check to see that you’re registered in the right place and to help you register if you haven’t already. It’s sponsored by MoveOn.org and is not associated with any party. And it doesn’t even sign you up for the barrage of MoveOn emails, unless you want that.

Super Tuesday is on February 5, 2008.

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