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Apparently Tom & Kat know how to get down and dirty. Who knew? Well, I sort of knew, after seeing that youtube video of the two awkwardly dancing along to Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” at one of his concerts. It was very uncomfortable to watch the internet clip in its entirety. Uncomfortable yet…necessary. Anyway, this photo is better because we, the viewers, only get a glimpse of what went on here. I can only imagine what the entire night was like with these two. Judging from Cruise’s pit/shoulder stains, it appears he’d been dancing for a while. Nice. Also nice, Cruise’s facial expression. It looks like he’s really having a good time. Good for him. And I can’t tell what Katie’s thinking, but I honestly don’t care. Ever since she aged like, 79 years over the course of one month, I find her boring and unexciting. Sometimes I just wish…I just wish everyone from Dawson’s Creek stayed in their characters forever.

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Get it, Tom!


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