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Last week Jon Stewart was chosen as the host of the next Oscar ceremony in February of 2008. I don’t watch award shows very often, because I usually find them boring. For some reason, I saw the MTV Video Music Awards. They weren’t hosted by anyone, but were clearly edited by a six year old on speed, and hence the lack of a host was barely noticed. I missed the Emmys last weekend but heard that Ryan Seacrest was the host, so I can only assume it was as exciting as watching an ironing board with a microphone propped up in front of it. I always watch the Oscars however. I guess I have been watching them for so long, that it is for purely nostalgic purposes that I endure the long, useless ceremony. And now Jon Stewart, after being put on hold for a year in exchange for Ellen DeGeneres’ funny but harmless shtick, is back to host once again. While I like Jon Stewart, I sadly think that even The Daily Show is becoming a little stale and tedious. I think he is an incredibly smart guy, and obviously funny, but one can only remain smart and funny for so long. His last hosting job was humorous at times, but ultimately quite bland.

As a side note, while 2008 has already been chosen, I’d like to make a recommendation for 2009: Zach Galifianakis. I think this would make people watch, and actually get excited about what they might see. Uncomfortable playing even smaller comedy clubs, Galifianakis often resorts to getting drunk on stage, yelling at his audience and making fun of how fat, bald, ugly or boring his audience members can be. Wouldn’t this be great when surrounded by the Hollywood elite? Never content to remain on stage, he would travel through the audience and hound people. He could make Harvey Weinstein sweat, Laura Linney shiver and Renee Zellwegger cry. I can already see him opening with the question “What was it Jack Valenti used to say about eating pussy?”

Zach Galifianakis

Obviously, this will never happen, but why not at least make the ceremony more interesting? Maybe never have anyone host more than once? Billy Crystal might be funny the first time, but after award show number seventeen, he kind of loses his appeal. The Academy Awards will always be a show for old Hollywood, where celebrities go to have their egos stroked. It’s the place where Crash beats out Brokeback Mountain, Celine Dion wins over Elliott Smith and Taxi Driver loses to Rocky. I just wish the ploddingly dull ceremony in which these awards were handed out could at least hold some element of surprise.

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