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So Weekend at the Movies has been on hiatus for a while. The holidays tend to make one lazy, and this continued well into January. To be honest, once all the Oscar bait hit, there wasn’t much else out there. Let’s see, what did we miss? One Missed Call? Alien vs. Predator: Requiem? I hope you didn’t see those movies. Luckily this week, there’s something a little more interesting…

Cloverfield: Sick of seeing quality films? Period pieces? Depressing dramas? Movies where people overcome adversity to sweeping scores? Want to see a monster make shit blow up? Yes! The movie we’ve been talking about since way back when is finally here! Critics are slowly chiming in (there was a press screening the other day) and the feedback has been mostly positive. For those brave enough to try and see this tonight, good luck. The theaters will no doubt be swarming with rowdy teenagers and loud fanboys. My advice would be to catch a matinee of this tomorrow or Sunday and avoid ridiculous crowds. This is playing at the Pavilion and United Artists on Court Street.

Everyone run to Brooklyn!

27 Dresses: Katherine Heigl stars as a woman who is always a bridesmaid but never a bride. And…that’s it. I think that’s the whole plot. Reviews are mixed so far, but this movie will probably do pretty well. There are those this weekend who want to see Cloverfield, and then there are those who are excited to see this. These two groups of people shall never meet. This is also playing at the Pavilion and the United Artists on Court Street.

Mad Money: Get this: three ordinary women (Queen Latifah, Katie Holmes and Diane Keaton) decide to…rob a bank together! Doesn’t that sound like a zany situation that’s ripe for hijinks? Oh oh oh! And it’s from the director of the Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood! No, I’m not fucking with you. Now clean up the poop in your underwear. Be professional for God’s sake. This is playing at the Pavilion.

Brooklyn Skeptic writers leaping over each other to get a ticket to Mad Money.

Cassandra’s Dream: Another addition to Woody Allen’s “Fuck New York, I’m international now!” collection, Cassandra’s Dream is a thriller starring Ewan McGregor, Colin Farrell and Tom Wilkinson. The story concerns two brothers turning to a life of crime when they’re in need of money. Do you think it works out for them? I bet it does. While Woody Allen has obviously been hit or miss for years, his thrillers tend to be better than his comedies lately. This has been getting decent reviews so far, but nothing compared to Match Point. It’s playing at Cobble Hill Cinemas.

Taxi to the Dark Side: I saw two movies at the Angelika on Sunday, and saw this trailer twice. Directed by Alex Gibney, who also directed Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, the film documents a taxi driver who was picked up in Afghanistan in 2002 and brought to prison, only be pronounced dead five days later. This is playing at the Angelika.

Teeth: While I definitely want to see Cloverfield this week, Teeth is my pick of the week. The chances of me seeing Cloverfield are higher though, as I think people will actually go see that with me. Teeth, I’m not so sure. The film concerns “Vagina Dentata,” a theory that is often attributed to Freud’s obsession with the male fear of castration. The film decides to take the theory literally however. I’m not going to give any more away, but you should check out the trailer. This is playing at Village East Cinemas on 2nd Avenue.

If you do need to catch up on awards season movies, you should go to BAM. Juno, There Will Be Blood, No Country for Old Men, and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly are all playing there. In addition to this, Atonement and The Orphanage are playing at Cobble Hill, and The Savages and The Kite Runner are playing at Brooklyn Heights Cinemas.

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