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Director Uwe Boll, who is often called a modern day Ed Wood (which isn’t fair, Ed Wood had no money, Uwe Boll has plenty) has said that if one million people sign this petition, he will stop making movies. Forever. As of now, 46455 people have signed it.

If you’re not familiar with Uwe Boll, it wouldn’t surprise me. But maybe you’ve heard of some of his films. His most recent release was the brilliantly titled In The Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale. At the very least the film brought us one of the funniest posters ever.

The film is actually a slapstick comedy about Jason Statham having a wacky-eyebrowed Burt Reynolds growing out of the side of his head.

Boll also made the disastrous Alone in the Dark, a film in which Tara Reid is cast as a “brilliant” anthropologist. It was harder to believe than Denise Richards being a nuclear physicist in Tomorrow Never Dies. In fact, there is a scene in Alone in the Dark where Reid mispronounces the word Newfoundland. Did anyone on the film catch it? Apparently not.

Boll already has some movies in the works, one of which is Alone in The Dark 2: Lonelier and Darker (not actual title) and the upcoming Postal, which is an action comedy, and sadly stars comedian and former Kids in the Hall member Dave Foley. Dave Foley will join the list of other talented people to star in a Uwe Boll movie (Ben Kingsley, Christian Slater, Ray Liotta, Ron Perlman…okay i guess that’s it).

If you’ve never seen an Uwe Boll film, I don’t recommend watching one to judge whether or not you should sign this petition. But if you have, and you felt as ripped off as I did, then join the fight and help get Uwe Boll to pursue a career in a different field.

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Apparently John Mayer wants to be a stand-up comedian. Hm. That sounds…like a really good idea, John. A really. Good. Idea.


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On the subway on the way home tonight I read over someone’s shoulder “Cheney in Rage at Reid“. My first thought was what did that crazy girl do now?

I was imagining Cheney sitting slumped on the floor inside the oval office, despondently waiting for Tara to call after their drunken groping at McFadden’s after-hours club the night before.

creepy cheney McFadden’s Party Time

Unfortunately, it turned out to be some boring story about ‘defeatism’. Yawn.

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