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They showed it at the New York Cares Bad Art Auction, but now it’s on the internet. It may be the best music video I have every seen in my life.


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Last week at a Los Angeles Comedy Club, Jon Lovitz beat the living shit out of Andy Dick, apparently smashing his head into the bar several times. It’s no surprise that Andy Dick is pissing people off, but who knew that Jon Lovitz had an ass-kicking in him?

Next up: Zach Galifianakis gives Dane Cook a much deserved kick in the balls.

 *Update: The New York Post might have been exaggerating. I know, it’s hard to believe that such a reputable news source would ever hyperbolize!

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Independence Day always puts me in that wistful, struggle-for-democracy, loose-the-chains-of-tyranny kind of mood. Rather than celebrating the 4th with moneyed, explosion-ridden spectacles, I’m celebrating Independence Day (Week?) by going to REwind: A Cantata for Voice, Tape & Testimony at Prospect Park on Friday night.

Cape Town composer Philip Miller’s extraordinary international collaboration is based on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings that led South Africa from apartheid to democracy. Opera superstar Sibongile Khumalo joins other South African soloists, a string octet, and a 100-voice chorus composed of Brooklyn’s Total Praise Choir of Emanuel Baptist Church, the Williams College Choir, and a South African ex-patriot choir led by choirmaster Ron Kunene. The music blends seamlessly with samples of recorded TRC testimony and stunning projected images. “The Cantata brought together the cry of our country—our pain and fears, our hopes and especially our triumphs and joys in the way we as South Africans can best express these emotions—in music and song. It was a deeply moving, most powerful and uplifting experience.” (Archbishop Desmond Tutu)

Friday, July 6, 2007
7:30 PM
Prospect Park Bandshell

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Zach Galifianakis, along with Band of Horses, will be holding an auction of “bad art” in Manhattan on July 10th, 2007. Tickets are thirty bucks ($33.75 with tax), and are on sale now. Having seen Mr. Galifianakis perform a few times, I can say that it will undoubtedly be an interesting evening, and well worth the ticket price. All the money made goes to New York Cares. If you are unfamiliar with Zach Galifianakis, here is a short video of one of his jokes (and there’s plenty more on youtube).

So basically, it’s good comedy, good music, a good cause and shitty art. What’s not to love?

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