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NYC Condoms v. 2.0

My very favorite public health initiative of 2007 is back with a vengeance this Valentines day – NYC condoms! Having given out 36 million free condoms last year, the NYC Department of Health is trying for even more in 2008. While the new condoms themselves are the same, the packaging and branding is all fresh and new. Because you know how the kids are! Horny and with deficient attention.

So New York, GET SOME!


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Just wanted to call attention to my new favorite word (thank you so much for all you give us, Gawker): emosogynistic.

Re: Dude’s behavior who sees cute girl on subway then goes home and blogs about it on hotsubwaychicks.blogspot.com. Do not be disappointed when you click on this link and there are no busty gals with 12″ subs. I know Jared was.

From the site (editor’s notes in italics):

So this platform (ha! like a subway platform) will (be) for me to call out girls I saw on the train that I think are hot, if they come across their posting I made of them then they can totally hit me up and we’ll go out for coffee, talk, laugh, and hopefully make out and other things….I may draw pictures still not too sure on that one will get back to you there but it will come together somehow. No I’m not really as creepy and masagenistic as I made this out (phew), it just makes for good blogging. Watch out for the first hot chick for me to come across, it may be you 😉 (almost as gross as a real life wink)

I’m a little worried at the idea that just because all of the 20-something boys grew up listening to emo, that they have to internalize the craze and really live the lyrics to a New Found Glory song.

The needle on my record player has been wearing thin
This record has been playing since the day you’ve been with him
No more long rides home
No more of your station
I didn’t like it anyways
Remember the time we wrote our names upon the wall
Remember the time we realized “Thriller” was our favorite song

God forbid he overhears HIStory playing on some girl’s ipod.

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This Sunday, a handful of Skeptics traipsed merrily through 5th Avenue Street Fair in Park Slope, Brooklyn. And as it turns out, we were not the only ones there. Looking down the Avenue from the top of the Slope, you could see it was packed for about a mile. The whole thing made me feel a little gay for Brooklyn. Here are some of my favorite parts of the fair:

1. Open Container Laws Be Damned

The fair gave a new meaning to al fresco drinking – of which we all know I’m the biggest fan. Nearly every bar was selling some beers, of both the generic and fantastic variety, on tap out of coolers in the middle of the street. You could get a plastic cup of beer or a frozen margarita from Mezcal and stumble around drunkenly, fondling pashminas and mozzarepas, for the rest of the day.

2. Kids Are So Predictable

At exactly 4:00, all of the children at the fair (roughly 2 million from the preliminary count) began to cry as their sugar highs wore off and they started to feel the effects of missing nap time. One child noted, “oh look – balloons,” in an uncharacteristically sarcastic manner.

3. Dancing Ladies

There were quite a few bands playing along the way, but there was one that stood out above all others: The Burlesque Alliance. This is an 11-or-so-piece band that was playing some kind of music with which I am not familiar enough to know the genre’s name. They had like horns or whatever. But more importantly, they had a lady who wore a tiny USO-style getup, dancing on the side of the stage. She was just awesome.

I was first introduced to the concept of go-go dancers at street fairs last summer at the Atlantic Avenue Street Fair. I didn’t like them as much. It seemed more exploitative in some way. Pizappas found this band a tad exploitative too. And I can understand that. I guess. But I’ll still going to their show at Southpaw on May 26.

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“Blades of Glory” is mad, fucking funny. Will Ferrell dons a Neil Diamond like wig, and if you ask me hasn’t been so “on the money” with his comedic timing in quite sometime. John Heder utilizes his Mormon skills to create a funny, fairy-like ice skater. Amy Poehler….I could actually take or leave her character. But Will Arnett is great, as expected. All around A+ cast. Not to mention the fact that the story centers around figure skating, the greatest sport in all of history. Love the figure skating. I even took lessons at age 9. I was unstoppable, until I quit at age 9.5. Fourth grade was a rough period for me. Anyway, to give you some perspective, I’d say Will Ferrell’s character is like an exaggerated version of 1994 Olympic Bronze medalist Phillippe Candeloro:

But since you probably don’t know who he is (losers), I guess Elvis Stojko is a better comparison:

Except not really. Oh, I suppose an even better example would be D.B. Sweeney’s character, Doug Dorsey, from 1992’s “The Cutting Edge”:

This photo is not a very good representation of the likeness between Will Ferrell’s character and D.B. Sweeney’s. But surprisingly, the internet isn’t exactly swimming with badass fig-skating action shots from “The Cutting Edge.” So I instead decided to use an old head shot of Deeb Sween.

In any case, I give “Blades of Glory” five triple salchows and a back flip. Go see it.

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American Apparel brings us the new hotness in women’s wear.


Lamé is the new dignity. Hardly anyone has it, but everyone wishes their ass was mirrored. Or something.

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