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Last night I attended an open studio event at the Lower East Side Printshop. The Lower East Side Printshop is located on 306 37th Street, which some might say is not the Lower East Side at all. But I like to keep an open mind about these things.

I always enjoy attending art events, reminds me of just how uncreative I am when it comes to art. Hence, these events are incredibly character building. (I love you, inferiority.) Anyway, here’s the night in review.

Around 6PM I met up with some friends. After entering the building we waited a few minutes for the elevator. A few minutes = an excruciatingly long time in “elevator waiting” terms. We decide to opt for the stairs, but no stairs in sight. We find two more elevators. Sweet. We get off on the 6th floor into a enclosed foyer area about the size of a closet. Interesting. I open the door only to find a small man stitching up some pants. Oops. We all let out a few chuckles, as nerds usually do when encountering this type of situation. It turns out the building’s floors are sectioned off into divisions, which is both confusing and inconvenient. For us. And for you if you ever decide to attend an event here. So, take note.

After coming full circle, we wait at the initial “taking too long” elevator. We are all clear on the fact that our wait was prolonged even further by our looking for a shorter route. (That’s irony.) And not to throw out some crazy assumptions or anything, but I am pretty convinced there was a muscle man down below manually pulling the carts up and down the floors. (In case you just looked up “muscle man” and didn’t find anything because the internet is not as savvy as I am in terms of labeling human beings, the muscle men I’m referring to are those really strong men from the 20s who donned those overall-ish unitards and handlebar mustaches, and at times could be found riding a unicycle. I just want to make sure we’re all on the same page here.)

Once we enter the 6th floor we immediately start looking at the prints. There were eight stations, all very distinct in personality and design. Subjects varied from environmentalism to consumerism to personal narrations. I would go on further to describe the prints, but I would just butcher every single one with my interpretations. So I’ll let your imaginations run wild. However, what I will say is the exhibit was divided into two rooms, one with the artists and their work, and another with their pieces hung and displayed. Most, if not all, the art could be purchased (prices ranging from $30-$2500), and if you’re not on the brink of destitution (like me), I would highly suggest looking into purchasing anyone of these for yourself. I found Kakyoung Lee’s charcoal animations to be particularly mesmerizing.

All in all, I would strongly encourage a visit to the Lower East Side Printshop. It’s free and definitely a worthwhile trip.

You can find more information on their open studio events here.

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