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Gothamist, Gridskipper and Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn seem to be the only people writing about this. Last night there was a huge standoff on 9th Street between 7th and 8th Avenue in Park Slope. A guy named Dave had a family dispute, and at some point, shots were fired. There was basically a SWAT team, an armored vehicle, snipers, hostage negotiatiors, and robots. The incident was resolved around 4:30am, when they managed to get Dave away from the building peacefully. The entire block was covered in police tape. Anyone trying to get home after 8pm was forced to either find somewhere else to stay, or wait until the standoff was over. My roommates were not allowed to leave our apartment. I was not allowed to get into it.

Interesting rumors I heard while waiting on the street:

  • Dave kept live chickens in his apartment and performed ritual sacrifices (obviously) that also involved peanut butter.
  • Dave had a vial of sarin gas that he was planning on releasing into the neighborhood.
  • Dave was a jaded member of Al-Qaeda.

It’s amazing what lack of sleep and an active imagination can bring to the table.

In the end, people were pretty shocked that something like this would happen in Park Slope. Luckily the good people at Old Carriage Inn stayed open a little later and even offered “hostage situation discounts.”

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