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After watching Obama’s brilliant speech on race, I find it hard to articulate my feelings towards him. Since, sometimes it’s hard to find the right words. However, I was sent this post from craigslist which pretty much sums up how I feel about the democratic nominee. Here it is:

i really want to give barack obama a blowjob right now

Date: 2008-03-18, 1:54PM EDT

so i went out to get soy milk for my son ezekiel earlier, my wife chloe was on the phone berating her editor or her assistant or something, i don’t know, but i was forced to go. along the way, i stopped off at gorilla coffee for a latte. the girl with the shaved head that wears the bandana was behind the counter. she always smiles at me and that makes me happy.anyway, they had pulled out a TV from the storage room or something. everyone was gathered around watching obama give his speech in philly. it was so moving.

michel gondry movie moving.

tom stoppard play moving.

elliot smith ballad moving.

even the lesbians were crying.

it was in this moment that i realized that i wanted to, with the intensity of a million suns, give barack obama a blowjob.

now you probably think by my stating such that i’m joking or i’m a closet gay hopelessly trapped in a lustless marriage with my passionless since the day we first met in the library at brandeis flame, but you’d be wrong.

i’m a roaring straight!

so barack, if you happen to read this and you’re ever in park slope, look me up. i’m always around, either polishing the manuscript that i’ve been polishing for the past two years or at couples yogalates with the lovely and gracious chloe.

perhaps she can give you a blowjob too once she comes off of her hillary high horse?

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