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He’s at it again. “He” being David Blaine. The New York Post reports that for his next death defying trick D. Blaine will attempt to break the world record for “staying awake.” I feel as though David’s “I will not sleep” efforts won’t be as interesting for us spectators as when he stood inside a block of ice in the middle of Times Square for three days, but it still has my attention.

Per the New York Post:

It’s been tried before. In 1959, Peter Tripp stayed awake eight days, but it resulted in permanent brain damage. In 1964, 17-year-old Randy Gardner did it for a high school science project. He lasted 11½ days but recovered fully. No damage. A guy in London tried but fell short. Another did 19 hours but slept two hours each night, so that doesn’t count. Also he was seated in a rocking chair. If I do this thing, which you claim I’m doing, I’ll do it on my feet. Standing up.

After 36 hours of sleep deprivation it’s like being drunk, 72 hours and paranoia sets in, Day Four the mind goes into hallucinations and you’re dreaming while awake. The problem is there’s no way to know how to offset brain damage or to train for this because there isn’t sufficient research. I believe the first guy’s mistake was not being in great physical condition. Also he used stimulants to keep awake, which I assume did him in.

I totally agree with the “it’s like being drunk” statement. I once stayed up for 48 hours during finals…I’m pretty sure when it came time to actually take the exams my mind was only capable of answering questions in picture form. But to be honest, I never knew staying awake for eight days could result in brain damage. Did you? Is that why insomniacs are always portrayed as killers or crazy characters in film? Because if devoid of sleep one will turn into a paranoid drunky type who hallucinates? I believe it.

I will admit however, I find David Blaine fascinating. No matter what you say, it is as though the man is from another dimension. I find it hard to believe that anyone can turn on a David Blaine special and not watch until the very end. Whether you realize it or not, you’re a David Blaine fan. If you like magic and people who speak in monotone voices, then you like David. On a primetime special of his, I once saw D.B. bring a pigeon back to life. Yes, you heard me. David was walking through the park with Michael J. Fox and spotted a dead pigeon. David picked up the dead pigeon, whispered into its ear, and released it from his hands. It was like a scene straight from the Bible. Or that movie “Powder.” And you know that if he was with Michael J. Fox, it was totes legit. Totes.

Another reason why I like Dav-laine specials is because during the commercial breaks he’ll teach the audience a magic trick or two. And from what I remember, they’re good magic tricks, not the kind that are like, “get the people to stare at the salt shaker while you secretly push the pepper mill off the end of the table onto your lap. They’ll think the pepper disappeared.” I think that’s what that mindfreak guy Criss Angel taught the viewers. It’s a lame trick. Trust me, I know because I’ve tried it. No one will believe you made an object disappear. No one. And don’t try to perform it twice, it will only make the situation worse/more sad.

Okay, but returning back to the subject of restoring life into dead pigeons, I realize that MAY have been an illusion. But here’s a list of some real tricks David Blaine has performed in the past:

-biting a quarter in half
-levitating off the ground
-some card tricks
-dating Fiona Apple

That’s all I can think of at the moment, but can you bite a quarter in half? And I’m talking a real quarter, not some fake malleable quarter. Don’t try to pull any stunts on me. Don’t try to be all David Blaine-y.

I’m just saying, the man has mastered the art of street magic and I would like to see him perform some tricks in person. So I can be 100% sure he’s the reincarnate of Christ. Or Satan.

Watch David Blaine.

End Note to Haters: Please do not send me any comments having to do with better magicians. I’ve done my research. I’ve seen “The Prestige.”

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