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  1. Disliking the New England Patriots is not considered to be an act of treason.
  2. The New York Giants are in fact men of regular size and do not suffer from an excess of growth hormones.
  3. Terry Bradshaw admires Tom Brady’s looks. A lot. And it’s awkward. Based on how he continually calls himself ugly, I’m also pretty sure that he cries a lot when he’s alone.
  4. Yelling out the name of a victorious sports team on the street right after a game is the perfect way to become friends with douchebags.
  5. There are mothers in this world who choose to name their children Plaxico. These children go on to catch game-winning passes.
  6. Tom Petty has not yet been abducted by a UFO.
  7. The Declaration of Independence has a lot to do with the NFL.
  8. Jim Brown used to be a football player and was not just one of the many talented thespians featured in the film Mars Attacks.
  9. Ryan Seacrest is a wiener.
  10. That I can enjoy pretty much any kind of sporting event if I don’t have to pay attention and am being fed beer and food all night. Next up, Nascar!

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