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NBC premieres its new series, “Quarterlife,” tonight at 10p.m. I’m hooked already. It’s produced by the same people who brought us “My So-Called Life” and “thirtysomething.” Wonderful.

Not much is known about “Quarterlife,” but given its title and its producers, I think we can make the assumption that this series will include one super hot guy, one nerd, a smart female, a hot chick who may be battling a learning disability, and a whole lot of angst. However, judging from the photo below, this initial character analysis may be off…or completely on point. Let’s find out, shall we?

The Cast

Well, it’s obvious who the “nerd” is. However, I think we all know this man is no nerd. He is a hipster. He’s sad though. He cannot look at the camera. Don’t stare at him; he wants to be left alone.

The other two male characters, well, they make me think no “super hot guy” exists on this show after all. Unless…it’s that man in the middle? The one gazing directly into our eyes? He who does not shy away from eye contact is considered confident and is therefore, successful with women. So, are we together here? By process of elimination, man in middle = hot one?

I’d prefer avoiding discussion of the final guy altogether, but it is my duty to unjustly characterize everyone in this photo. So, let me begin by criticizing his off centered sweatshirt that edges on Jennifer Beals territory, and how it makes me uncomfortable. Fix your shirt, man. You look weak. Amplifying these awkward feelings (felt by me)– his yearning over the female next to him. This is reminiscent of Brian Krakow’s unrequited affection for Angela. I could barely deal with a 15 year-old Krakow, I do not want to know the pain of witnessing him at 25.

Now, the women. Starting from the left, this girl looks like she has dealt with an eating disorder at some point. She went to rehab, and is slowly coming to accept herself and her looks. She hides behind her long, hippie-esque hair and is unsure of her place in life. She needs guidance. I want to help her.

Blondie looks fun. But also looks like she might take herself too seriously. (White cardigans are a telltale sign of uptight behavior.) However, She enjoys drinking with her girlfriends and can laugh at a good joke. Until a quip is made about her rich background. She finds no humor in jokes about money or, her idol, Kate Hudson.

Then we have a smart, laid back, anxious about life, beautiful brunette disguised in a raggedy sweatshirt and old (navy) jeans. While attending a prestigious college she thought the world was her oyster, but once thrust into the real world after graduation she comes to the hard realization that no amount of schooling can prepare you for this thing we call…life. Hence, we will watch her character progress from a self doubting 20-something afraid of failure, to a successful professional at an established publishing firm.

Okay, seriously, I have no idea what this show is about. But there are six characters, all around the age of 25, who I think live in Southern California. I doubt this show will make it past its first season. Shows revolving around post-college adults rarely last. I’m sure it has to do with no one from an older crowd being interested in reliving those first couple years out of college, since most of us spent that time either confused or clinically depressed. And the younger crowd just want to watch shows like “Gossip Girl.” And I can’t blame them for that, since “Gossip Girl” is the BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION, EVER.

I’m still tuning in tonight, though.

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Singing telegram. Beer.  Russian bride. Toilet paper. Pants.  As an intermittent shut-in, nothing makes me happier than the ability to get anything (anything!) delivered to my house, without having to go outside.  As the lone inhabitant of planet earth who is not a Netflix member (I’m not sure how i feel about people who don’t eat beans and toast or watch Fawlty Towers saying “queue”), I was nonetheless overjoyed for my fellow hermits that they will soon not even have to go outside to their mailboxes to watch an entire season of My So Called Life (or, MSCL in the biz).  Fellow Brooklynites: join me in never leaving your house again.

 Jordan Catalano will only break your heart.

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