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Word on the street, the gossip street, is Ash Olsen and Jared Leto, who I for personal reasons now hate, and by personal reasons I mean not personal at all, are dating. (Please refer to BK Skeptic’s Jared Leto – Jordan Catalano Debate for further reference on the topic.) The two apparently “turned heads while holding hands at the Art of Elysium gala in L.A. on Jan. 12.”


This basically confirms my belief that Jared Leto is gross. Not because he’s old, which he is, but because he seems to go after the young ones. First there was Scarlett Jo and then Lindsay Lohan, both had just barely hit the tender age of 18 before giving in to Leto’s advances. It’s like he knows, knows there is an Angela Chase inside us all.

Oh well, I suppose, in the end, Leto’s a step up from Lance Armstrong. Way to pick ’em, Ash.

The Jared Leto Debate:

#1 Jared Is a Douche.

#2 No, He Is Not.

#3 Yes, He Is.

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