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Our friend Boomstick offers his two cents:

As a rare but extremely insightful commenter on this site, I have been given the chance to counter the prevailing Obama-fest in the Skeptic endorsement efforts. But first, a few words about my experience at the Park Slope voting site was very efficient and professional even after encountering a machine malfunction. I was able to finish quickly enough, allowing for a wonderful sit down diner breakfast before heading off to work. Having worked polling sites in multiple states, this is no easy task, so my congratulations and thanks to those volunteers.

By the time I reached to polls this morning, John McCain had earned my vote. He did so because he like his hero, Teddy Roosevelt, he represents a bold vision for American greatness. This applies across the board, from environmental policies and protections for our vast National Parks System, to the pressing questions of international relations and our foreign policy. I feel this ethos should guide all federal decision making.

While I disagree with his stances on stem cells and largely his views on the issues of marriage and abortion, I do agree with him in principal that these issues should be decided at a state level, and admire his putting words into action by becoming an adoptive father in 1993. “To sacrifice for a cause greater than yourself, and to sacrifice your life to the eminence of that cause, is the noblest activity of all.” Unlike so many politicians today, I think it inarguable that John McCain lives these words and has shown many times his dedication, in the face of death, to them.

On the question of Iraq, we too often forget that a war is going on. Unlike WWII with its all encompassing involvement, or Vietnam with its near unanimous disapproval, the American people are not forced to be involved in our current engagement. This is especially true in urban centers like our home turf in Brooklyn. I think it only right that a country which experiences such incredible freedom as we do, seek to spread that right to all who lack it. I am not and will never be a party line republican thanks to the isolationist impulse of the religious right which in so many ways mirrors the policy lines of the hard left. On the most important issue of our time, and due to the similarities in policy implications if one extreme or the other is elected, I believe the debate between Obama and McCain to be a simple one. What do you believe America’s role in the world to be? Until we define our nation in this way, I don’t believe any substantial progress will be made on the domestic front.

Our greatest eras of progress have always occurred in times of turbulent world order, and I see our current situation as a chance to redefine ourselves and propel our country into its evolving role in our 21st century world. The challenge before us is best summed up by John, and with his words, I will end this post.

“In Iraq our national security interests and our national values converge. Iraq is truly the test of a generation, for America and for our role in the world. Faced with similar challenges, previous generations of Americans have passed such tests with honor. It is now our turn to demonstrate that our power, ennobled by our principles, is the greatest force for good on earth today. Iraq’s transformation into a secure democracy and a force for freedom in the greater Middle East is the calling of our age. We can succeed.”

-Senator John McCain

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