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This just in: Lindsay Lohan to “Work in Morgue As Punishment.” According to the New York Times, “The 21-year-old actress will soon be working at a morgue as part of her punishment for misdemeanor drunken driving…Her two four-hour days at the morgue are part of a court-ordered program to show drivers the real-life consequences of drinking and driving. She must also spend two days working in a hospital emergency room.”

Details are scant in regards to what her actual duties will be, but speculation leads me to think that she will be responsible for cleaning/tidying up both the morgue and ER. As a metaphor of how she needs to “clean/tidy up” her act. But who really knows? It seemed, from the trailers, that she spent a lot of time in a hospital ER for the movie “I Know Who Killed Me” so perhaps she has some former experience in that field I’m just not aware of, and hence will be given more challenging projects.

Whatever the case maybe, I’m sure Lindsay will take her punishment very seriously. How could she not? I know her 84 minute jail sentence didn’t exactly straighten her out like we thought it would, but I feel this particular sentence might be just what she needs. I’m betting that if she doesn’t show up to her first day of work drunk, good things will come of this.

Lindsay’s finest moment.

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